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Article 1 These are the questions that you need to address What are the corporate governance issues in this article? What are the relevant theories used to describe how corporate governance applies to this article? Apply the theory to draw a valid conclusion. What are the practical implications of this event? For My article this is what I said (this is not perfect, just a guide) 1) Failure of banks to meet regulators governance requirements including internal, auditing, risk management and succession planning.Failure to define and monomaniac the banks appetite for risk and directors unwilling to challenge the CEO. 2) Agency theory emphasizes the monitoring role of the board. We therefore need directors independent Of management (I.

E. Directors that have not been elected by the CEO or who are part of management) to question and investigate the Coo’s managerial decisions, such as, are we entering areas that are too risky? What level of risk are we prepared to take? The article also refers to stakeholder theory in the comment that the boards have a fiduciary duty to the wider community and employees. )

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