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Pi acknowledged that the entire book was based off of his telling, this quote confirms it. “Doesn’t the telling of something always become a story? ” was a preposition, it was said to make the reader think about more than just words on a page. The entire story carried a much deeper meaning than could be seen by skimming over words on a page.

Pi made the reader question what they were actually reading. Was the story only worth its face value?The book’s theme was a quest for enlightenment, something that cannot be mound by simply looking at the surface. The enlightenment occurred when Pi realized that surviving was not possible without some sort of faith. From the get go the story claimed to “make you believe in god”, that immediately would make you assume that there is more to the book than just words. Every time someone recounts an event, it is considered a story. The bible is a retelling of events that occurred in the past, these could just as easily be considered stories.

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What Pi is trying to convey is that the truth can only be determined by the reader. What you see as fact is a matter of opinion, and it is all due in part to your faith. Faith being the theme of Life of Pi, is something that this book revealed to be subjective. The truth to some could be the account with humans, or if you have faith the truth could be the original story told by Pi. Pi Patella understands that he can only tell the story, the rest is determined by the reader and their interpretations.

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