Jeff 2017). This company is a fast

Bezos is the sole creator of and it all started in his garage as a
bookstore (Jeff Bezos, 2008). The first year of business Bezos and five
employees worked in the garage, setting up a computer system that would make easy to navigate. He wanted this online bookstore to be
user-friendly. He created multiple innovative programs which would establish a
virtual community. One of these programs would let customers write a review on
the site about the book they read and a feature was also created so that
customers could see books that would be recommended to them based on their
previous purchases (Jeff Bezos, 2008). was open to the world in
1995, becoming the world’s largest book store with over one million titles to
pick from (Jeff Bezos, 2008). From there has blossomed into the
largest internet retailer on the planet (Jeff Bezos, 2008).

  , Inc. is the most widely
known, used, and cited market on the web offering more than 4.7 million books,
music CD, video, DVD, computer games, and other retail (Hartmans, 2017). This
company offers a great shopping experience by providing a high level of
customer service. Over and over again Amazon has proven to be the leader of
technology by adding several features such as 1-Click ordering, personalized
shopping service, and easy-to-use searches (Hartmans, 2017). This company is a
fast and secure company. Amazon offers a simple ordering system, secures credit
card transactions, email communication with customers and direct worldwide
shipping (Hartmans, 2017).  Amazon
launched Amazon Prime in February of 2005 (About Amazon Prime, n.d.). It was
created to bring in more money to the company. It is a shipping membership
program for over a million different products (About Amazon Prime, n.d.). The
vision for this membership is fast delivery for an everyday experience. Amazon
prime introduced three things: two-day shipping, two-day shipping guaranteed,
and it is unlimited with just a single membership (Amazon Prime, 2017). The company
from there extended their features for customers that had an Amazon Prime
membership. Customers could now stream movies, TV shows, and music among other
things (What is Prime Video?, 2018). The latest feature is Prime Video where
customers in the United States and Puerto Rico can have access to thousands of
Prime Video titles at no additional cost (What is Prime Video?, 2018).  

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  , Inc. vision statement
states that the company wants “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company
where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online (Gregory,
2017).” To put into simpler terms this company wants to be the best e-commerce
company in the world. The three characterizes they emphasize in the vision
statement are: global reach, customer prioritization, and widest selection of
products (Gregory, 2017). The company’s mission statement states “We strive to
offer customers the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and
the utmost convenience (Gregory, 2017).” Amazons vision statement is very
strong because of the characteristic, but amazon needs to broaden the scope of
business in the aspect of its new feature of Prime Video. This company wants to
have everything basically within a click away but the new feature doesn’t offer
that. This feature is not expanding to the noted “best available selection”
because they aren’t offering more than videos and TV shows.

            The companies vision and mission
statements have led this organization to reaching its successful state. In
light of the vision statement Amazon needs to broaden its scope of business in
the aspect of their new Prime Video feature. Prime membership right now is only
being offered to members that are in the United States and Puerto Ricco (Gregory,
2017). Expanding this feature to members outside of the two areas would be
beneficial. Prime Video is only offering a few things and amazons missions
statement wants the company to have the best available selection and at
everyone’s convenience. This company can make this new feature great to all
members and that will increase revenue. The components of the strategic management
process that must be analyzed in this new strategy are environmental scanning,
strategy formulation, implementation of new strategy, and evaluate implemented
strategy (Hunger & Wheelen, 2011). Environmental scanning of the internal
and external environment to collect information on other companies that provide
a video feature but have expanded their consumers outside of the US and Puerto
Rico. Providing more options besides just streaming videos, such as live
streaming majority of sporting events, political speeches, etc. Strategy
formulation is deciding what the best route to take in order to accomplish this
goal of expanding (MSG Management Study Guide, n.d.). A SWOT analysis
and SFAS Matrix are both used to evaluate strengths and weaknesses (Hunger &
Wheelen, 2011). Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of expanding the Prime
Video feature and determining the benefits of it. Implementation of the new
strategy is the key to making this new strategy come alive. Once this new
strategy is in play it must be evaluated to make sure it is running smoothly or
to see what minor issues can be fixed in order for the plan to be implemented

            The outcomes of this new strategy
can be very beneficial for the company. The decision makers have the final say
to the course of action that will be followed to implement the new strategy.
The outcome of this strategy will look good on the leaders in this organization
because in turn it increases the revenue for the organization. Every company
wants to make more money and become the best. is well on their way
to becoming the best., Inc. stakeholders would benefit due to the
fact of broadening the Prime Video feature to other countries. Stakeholders in
different countries could have more options to watch what is going on in other
parts of the world. Being able to view more things that they are interested in through
the internet will bring in more members.

            Amazon is a one of the wealthiest
organizations in today’s world. It all started from an online bookstore in
Bezos garage to a multimillion-dollar e-commerce corporation. Amazon could
bring in more money just by adding more to their Prime Video feature and
broadening membership for that feature to more than just the United States and
Puerto Rico. Creating a strategic plan and implementing that plan could be
beneficial to the stakeholders and leaders in this company. 


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