Japan 145,932 mi². Their populations is 127

Japan is an island that is surrounded by the North Pacific Ocean. It has some cities, imperial palaces, mountains, parks, shrines, and temples. Their area is 145,932 mi². Their populations is 127 million. The capital of Japan is Tokyo and the Emperor of Japan is Akihito.

Japan has many islands. They are: Kyushu, Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hakone, Shinjuku, Furano, and Sendai. The leader of Japan is Shinz? Abe. Their tradition is Chinese Architecture.

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Each one of these issues impacts the food and cooking styles of people who live in Japan. Because Japan is an island, they eat a lot of seafood. They even eat fish for breakfast.

They grill it, they broil it, but they don’t eat sushi very often. Their favorite way to cook their fish is to grill it with a little bit of salt or soy sauce. They don’t use a lot of heavy sauces or spices. They basically cook this like they are living on the water.

They cook Smelt, Yellowtail, Blowfish, Mackerel, Salmon, Snapper, Freshwater fish. They eat 2 regular size meals a day and then they eat snacks of rice crackers. They eat rice with their fish.

They are a very healthy nation because of the good quality foods that they eat on a daily basis. Any country that their main food source is fish tend to have a healthier population. Japan has a population of 127 million people but their are is only 145,932 mi². People are so cramped up on that island. They must need a lot of food to help keep up with how much people eat.

There are so many people in Japan that many people choose to only have a few children. The cost of raising children in Japan is very high so that helps keep the numbers down of children born each year. Some parts of japan are very poor and some parts of japan are very rich.

They must fish and boat a lot and even go ice fishing. With this many people, they need to fish a lot and everyday and night. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It is a tour placet. It’s where people shop, they have parks, museums.

There is a huge tower in Tokyo with an observation deck. Tokyo is a state, not a city. In Tokyo, you can some really nice fancy food meals. These areas in the big cities are very busy, congested and technology based. They have bullet trains to help get people around fast. These areas are known for their bright lights, busy streets, and the fact that people are everywhere.

It is also said that Tokyo is a very busy area but that it is surprisingly clean. Akihito is the Emperor of Japan. He is a ruler whose main goal to give peace. He’s known for reaching out during chaos. He is going to pass his crown and royal to his son. He is the first ruler to ever step down without dying in over 200 years.

He was born December 23, 1933. Took after his father January 7, 1989. He is the oldest of the imperial family in the world.

He is going to retire in April, 2019. He will pass the throne down to his son who will take the throne in 2019. It is crazy to think that many times these rulers would rule until they died in the old ages of 90+. Maybe he will begin to make this change in the country and rulers will begin to step down when they get too old. The islands of Japan are nicest islands to visit.

. Those are nicest places to eat fish, sushi, rice, big meals. The most expensive meal in Japan is 1,000 yen ($9.15 USD). Each island has a purpose for something.

But they all have hotels, fancy restaurants. These islands are vacations, not places to live at. Many people travel from far and wide to visit Japan because it has such a variety of landscapes The weather in Japan year round is like all the four seasons we have in the United States. Their winter is from December to February and its dry and sunny along their coast. It rarely ever drops below zero degrees celsius. Spring is from March to may.

Their temperatures aren’t too hot and there isn’t so much rain happening. Summer begins in June and they have like a three to four-week rainy season. This is when the farmers start cropping their rice and it gets hot and humid. Autumn (fall) is from September to November has light breezes and cooler temperatures.

Has temperatures at eight to ten degrees celsius.


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