Janata 2016 & 2015; ? JB Green

Janata Bank Limited (JBL) has been being recognized for its outstanding performance nationally and internationally over almost each year from its establishment.

Some of the recent achievements and awards are mentioned here:-? ICMAB best award-2017,2016,2014 & 2013;? Best Presented Annual Report Awards and SAARC Anniversary award for corporate governance disclosure-2017,2015 & 2013;? 15th ICAB national award for Best Presented Annual Report 2016 & 2015;? JB Green Communication (JBGC) Award-2017;? Achieves ‘2015 Excellence Performance Award’ by Citi Bank.Janata Bank Limited (JBL) as the second largest state owned commercial bank has provided different kinds of products and services to its clients and customers. The most important and common products and services offered by JBL are summarized as follows:? Deposits- JBL offers different types of deposits like current deposit, saving deposit, term deposit, special note deposit and many other schemes.? Loans and advances- JBL credit management program is mainly focused on lending different types of trade and non-trade loan and advances to its clients. The credit line is comprised of SME loan, export financing, import financing, rural and micro-credit loan, working capital loan, agriculture loan and different types of specialist loan program.

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? NRB product- besides providing commercial product to residential clients, Janata Bank Limited (JBL) also offers different types of products to its non-residential customers. The special NRB products are foreign currency account, advance benefit account, continuous benefit account, NRB escrow account and NRB gift cheque etc.? Personalized services- JBL provides different types of personalized services to its clients. These are issuing demand draft (DD), telegraph transfer (TT), mail transfer (MT), pay order (PO), special demand receipt (SDR), special arrangement fund transfer, online services, locker services, ATM services, utility services.

It also provide services on behalf of the government like electric bill collection etc.


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