James 1:1, God is flawless, loving, patient,

James Thomas Murph, Box 790The Holy Bible is not just a mere book written and printed by man but worth all the other books ever published.

Undoubtedly this relates to the fact that it was spiritually guided promising gods favor on mankind. The first beginning books of the bible share detailed information about God and His creation. In the very beginning, the book of Genesis is divided into the primeval (chapters 1–11) and the ancestral history (12–50).

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The primeval chapter highlights mans relation to god explicitly. Genesis informs and affirms the relationship mankind will have with the creator and forms the foundation of the rest of the books of the Bible. Additionally, the primeval history prepares the way for God’s redemption plan in the New Testament.According to Genesis 1:1, God is flawless, loving, patient, kind, gracious, merciful, creative, and generous god. Above all these characteristics, creativity is very pronounced in Genesis 1:31 while the gods of the ancients were deceptive and destructive.

Mankind was deceived by the serpent and falls into sin. It is obvious the character of Yahweh is the opposite the early gods. The devil deceived the earliest of mankind by having Adam and Eve fall into sin. Notably they failed to follow the instructions that God had given them and instead fell for the serpents trap. Genesis 3 depicts the Garden of Eden as a beautiful place graced by everything that mankind needs for survival. Failure to follow the instructions given by God resulted in the fall of humankind.

Being a righteous God, He administered punishment in the form of hardships of suffering against humanity. Adam and Eve parents had two sons, one of which rebelled against God’s instructions. The first son Cain was a farmer; Abel, his brother, worked as a shepherd. Cain later killed Abel out of jealousy. The bible portrays him as a murderer and a jealous person. Following this Cain and his entire generation, and humanity, were condemned to suffering.

People need to find grace and deliverance from sin. Individuals in modern society are judged based on past generations of sinful humankind. However God’s power and unfailing grace can defeat this generational curse and restore the relationship between man and God. the first 11 chapters of the bible designate everyone born of man as sinners.

therefore people live in agony due to the shortcomings of early humans unless the spirit of god delivers them. then the primeval history section depicts humans as struggling beings. however happy and content people seem sin will always bring suffering upon them. on a positive note this part of history instructs people to improve their lives by seeking redemption from god; it also explains the pain in the world today and defines the course to take to find comfort.

on the contrary history informs people that they are bound to bear the curse ensured by the inadequacies of early humans such as adam and eve. ill-advisedly many people are hardwired to think that they must suffer by default. history serves as a foundation for other historical events in the bible. first of all it outlines the lineage of humanity. for example the story about how adam and even gave birth to cain and abel highlights the lineage of cain. secondly history sets the stage for people to understand the origin of sin and its consequences over time and it also portrays god as ever just.

through the books of exodus leviticus numbers and deuteronomy god remains just in his actions to humankind. in genesis 12 god shows great concern in saving humanity from suffering. in genesis 12:4 he instructs abraham to go to the land of canaan a land full of comfort and wealth. abraham communicates frequently with god and remains faithful. he even builds an altar for him in this land genesis 12:7 the primeval history also brings out humans mission in the world today—most notably warfare with sin.

early humans failed to deal with the deceptive nature of satan hence the suffering in modern society. therefore people in the contemporary world with a vast knowledge of god need to reaffirm the correct relationship with god and enjoy his mercy and grace. the first book of the bible genesis depicts god as an omnipotent being who created humankind and the entire universe.

after that people rebelled against his instructions and henceforward started living in sin. the primeval period shows the dire need for man to seek and find redemption from sin and the generational curse that bounds humankind. it also sets the stage for people to gain salvation from sin and live a free and holy life. all the accounts in the succeeding books of the bible are related to the designation of sin in the book of genesis.


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