Jacob complicated word–an atrocious or immoral personal characteristic–

Jacob GaudynEnglish 3 AccPride and Prejudice EssayDecember 12, 2017Virtue Vs. ViceVice is a very complicated word–an atrocious or immoral personal characteristic– that causes many problems throughout life. All throughout Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen we see characters noticing a vice in a certain person or in a group of people that causes them to look over all of their virtues.

In the text we see pride get between two of the main characters, Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth. This causes them to have a very bumpy relationship with many ups and downs. Throughout the book Jane Austen shows us that pride and prejudice are a disease that plagues many characters in the book: causing them to only see others vices and look right over their virtues which causes relationships to be damaged or destroyed.Many of the characters that we see in Pride and Prejudice show that they are very proud of themselves: causing them to believe that they are too good for other characters and writing them off before they really get to know them and damaging relationships. Many of the characters that we see in Pride and Prejudice show that they are very proud of themselves: causing them to believe that they are too good for other characters and writing them off before they really get to know them and damaging relationships.

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Throughout the  beginning of the book we see Elizabeth not only be very proud of herself but she also critiques Mr.Darcy on how proud of himself he is, after reading the letter that Mr.Darcy sent to her about the Wickham fiasco she then realizes how she was also affected by how proud she was of herself as she says “‘How despicably have I acted!’ she cried.

– ‘I, who have prided myself on my discernment! – I, who have valued myself on my abilities!’…’Till this moment, never knew myself,'”(159).This quote shows us how Elizabeth reacts when she realizes that she has been full of pride and letting pride in her ability to read and judge people get in the way or truly getting to know Mr.

Darcy. By Austen using the verb cried it shows us how intense the realization was for Elizabeth; It really shows us how important it was that she realized how she was being hypocritical and the realization also allowed her to mend her relationship with Mr.Darcy which she destroyed about ten pages earlier.

This quote helps support my thesis because it shows how Elizabeth’s pride almost destroyed her relationship with Mr.Darcy and if she hadn’t realized how pride fogged her vision of him they would never end up getting married. This also relates to my life because I had a friend who is very proud of himself and we would constantly get into arguments and fights because he would never admit he was wrong and he was always better causing our relationship to get strained until we finally stopped talking to each other; I still hope that one day we can get back together and fix our broken relationship. To conclude pride can destroy a relationship before you realize it. Pride is only one half of Pride and Prejudice. Relationships are not only damaged by pride but also by prejudice which many characters show by judging others before they really get to know the other person. Prejudice appear all over the place in the book but one obvious prejudice is shown by Elizabeth toward Miss Bingley at Netherfield when Miss Bingley says that Mr.

Wickham is a fraud and a cheat, but Elizabeth then says “‘His guilt and descent appear by your account to be the same,’ said Elizabeth angrily; ‘for I have heard you accuse him of nothing worse than of being the some of Mr.Darcy’s steward, and of that, I can assure you, he informed me himself,'”(72). In this quote we see Elizabeth as she gets pissed off at Miss Bingley because Miss Bingley is saying that Wickham is a liar. But as we see Elizabeth doesn’t believe any of it because she has a prejudice toward Miss Bingley. Later in the book we learn that Miss Bingley was telling the truth the whole time and was actually just trying to help Elizabeth. Even though the relationship between Elizabeth and Miss Bingley is already pretty bad and not that important of a relationship because of the prejudice between the two their relationship gets even worse. Prejudice is everywhere for example in To Kill a Mockingbird we see Tom Robinson receive the verdict of guilty, even though there were many pieces of evidence that proved that he was innocent; But prejudice was too strong because in that time african-americans were considered second class citizens and whites were superior so we has killed for something he didn’t even do. This is a more harsh and extreme example of how dangerous prejudice is.

To wrap up prejudice is a dangerous trait that can not only destroy relationships but also: lives.All throughout Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen makes clear to us that life should be lived with as little pride and prejudice as possible because all it does it harm our relationships. Pride destroyed and damaged many relationship throughout the book, especially Elizabeth’s relationship with Mr.Darcy; Prejudice did the same thing causing many problems with many relationships as we saw it with characters from all different social classes having predetermined notions of other social classes. We also see pride and prejudice in our everyday lives and richer people are see as prideful and prejudice toward poor people. And certain hate groups like the KKK and white supremacist and prejudice toward people they have never even met people they never got to know just because of their skin color or religion. Even if we don’t realize it pride and prejudice is everywhere.

So I ask you for one day just look around you and pay attention and write down all the times that you see someone being prejudice toward someone or someone being prideful of themselves I guarantee you will be amazed with the results.


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