Jacob common grammatical issues. I have had both

Jacob TempleDr. Dewayne Dickens, Associate ProfessorENGL 1213, Section 190Autobiography, First Draft2 September 2018A Brief Recollection of Me and My Writing As with many people, writing never came naturally to me, which is why I lean towards the maths and sciences.

I even prefer music over writing. Ever since I can remember writing, I would always try to be as concise as possible, using choppy sentences that conveyed only the necessary information. However, lack of creativity concerning sentence variety aside, I would say that I am fairly good at identifying common grammatical issues. I have had both positive and negative experiences during my writing “career,” but those experiences are what made me the writer I am today: a middle-of-the-road writer.

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As I said before, writing does not come naturally to me. I believe one reason for that is the lack of structure. In math and science, we have formulas that you can plug things into and get the answer.

Writing is different. There is no magic formula that you can put an idea into and get a well written essay out of. You have to have a certain amount of creativity that I simply do not have. For example, whenever I have a writing assignment, I always think about how my peers do things and how they got good grades on previous assignments.

But when I start writing, I begin questioning myself, thinking that maybe what I am saying is too cliché and cookie cutter and boring. So I sit, waiting for a novel approach to the writing assignment to come to me, but, inevitably, I cave and do what everyone else is doing. Even though I may not be very creative when it comes to writing, my grammar compensates. Grammar is actually my favorite part about English. It provides the structure that I need in writing because of its set rules that I can easily follow and apply. In my junior year of high school, I learned the most that I have ever learned about grammar.

It was an AP class and, as you might imagine, very thorough. We learned everything from basic punctuation to how the positions of clauses and phrases affect the flow of writing. I believe my knowledge of somewhat complex grammar rules will benefit the class when we have peer reviews and analyses. I am excited to use and build on my experiences as a writer during this class. I look forward to learning from others and maybe even helping others as well.

I hope to improve my communication through writing by utilizing new techniques that I will have learned. Writing has never been easy for me, but maybe it will after this semester.


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