Jackson, factors that make humans question this topic.

Jackson, Lamya 23 Oct. 2018Section 3 Module 3 There were thousands of questions that were unanswered, regarding to human beings evolving from apes. I can completely understand the difference of my knowledge from then until now. I never knew where this came upon, until I learned information about evolution. Growing up, things you would hear from your surroundings would stick upon your mindset. You understand the truth, by research and development. I’m not a believer of that impression of evolving from an ape. I’m a firm believer that I existed from Jesus Christ.

I’ve learned that any thought or idea that takes place in my head, to make sure it is justifiable. Many people get wrong misconceptions based on how they were taught or who they got the information from. However, you decide on how to understand a certain criterion, that is how you will understand it. The topic of our existence as humans is still one of the most excessive topics in science. There are many factors that make humans question this topic. Many people have a different belief on how humans evolved in this world. This is the most important part, because however you believe will depend on your answer to this topic. Rumors and misconceptions are difficult to correct, because of history.

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There are so many things to back up our beliefs to where it is hard for all people to get on one accord. I didn’t come from an animal, because in my mind, God bless my mother with me. There is no other form.

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