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Our first period and style of art we will look at will be Realism. Realism art is generally defined as attempting to represent a subject in a very trait forward and truthful matter. Artist work to avoid artificially rendering an object, misrepresenting elements, or provide implausible circumstances.

Realism was a movement that began in France in the sass’s as a form of art to reject the Romanticism movement. (Wisped) Realism prided itself in portraying the truth, whether ugly or sordid, and paint a picture of daily life and its struggles.The tough living conditions and lives of the masses really contributed to the movement in Realism as many individuals could not relate to the Romanticism period and art styles. Our second period and style of art we will look at is Surrealism. Surrealism was an art movement that took off in the sass’s in France and was used to display art or life in a dream like or altered universe aspect.

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The art style uses elements of surprise, oddities, and unexpected contrasts to achieve the style of Surrealism. Unlike the counter part style of Realism, Surrealism was used in society as an escape from the everyday pictures and life that was being lived.Surrealism really stated to pickup popularity in the 1 ass’s as it started to have an effect on society in all arms of media such as books, art, film and music. (Wisped) Although Realism and Surrealism seem to be polar opposites in style they share some of the same qualities. Both styles are used to portray part of our life as a culture. How they are portrayed are vastly different but both styles try and tap into the human emotion on the subject.

Realism tries to draw the viewer in my making the subject matters seem lifelike and believable.Surrealism relies more on the emotion side and draws it’s viewers in through visuals and dream like objects. One vast difference between the styles is the use of now objects. Realism relies on individuals knowing the subject matter and being able to connect with it in some way. This can result in a simple picture of a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, or a scene of individuals sitting at a table having dinner. These simple real life things make a connection that allows the viewer to relate and have a concept of visual beauty or hardship compared to their real life experiences.

Surrealism tries it’s best to do the opposite by taking known objects and relationships and giving them new life, new shapes, and new uses. It is then up to the viewer of the art to interpret the painting and relate the images to areas of their life or imagination. In taking a look at a famous piece of Realism art we will look at the painting called The Laundress by French artist Honoree Damper in 1863.

Although by most standards an art piece about someone doing laundry would be a hard stretch, however, in the terms of Realism this is a prime example of an artist taking a normal daily activity, capturing the emotion, and putting it to canvas.In this work of art the artist uses a dull pallet of colors to help build the motion and get his point across of someone doing a task that IS not glamorous and a necessity of life. This is a striking difference to a Surrealism piece like The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali who uses very vivid colors and unnatural images to paint a picture of dreams or emotions.

In this piece Salvador Dali paints clocks almost melting in the picture to draw emotion from the viewer of time and how they feel about time. It places the clocks against an unnatural background to allow the viewer to have free rain of interpretation of the art.

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