“It’s and pursue a career in comedy.

“It’s my mom’s funeral. I’m on the right side, I’ve got the casket.

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I’m crying, I’m a mess…. My dad see me crying, my dad stood up, punched me inthe back of the head. ‘Man up.

She gone.’ I forgot where I was, I threw thecasket” (Levy). Kevin Hart is a famous comedian and actor, he hasmade appearances in several films and has had five comedy tours. Born inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 6, 1979, Hart was raised by his mother,along with his brother, Robert, who is eight years Kevin’s elder (“Kevin Hart”Biography).

Taking the place of their absent father, Robert helped to be a fatherfigure for his younger brother. Robert says Kevin was shielded from theirfather’s, Henry Witherspoon’s, worst actions: “My dad was crazy. Kevin was tooyoung to know that everything was as dysfunctional as it was” (Weiner).

            Throughout Hart’s childhood,his father, Henry Witherspoon, who was addicted to cocaine, was constantly inand out of jail, and divorced Nancy Hart when their sons Robert and Kevin were 12and 4, respectively. Humor proved to be most effective for Hart in his struggleto cope with his troubled childhood. After a short stint in community college, Hartdecided to drop out and pursue a career in comedy. This interest came while hewas working as a shoe salesman in Philadelphia, when a co-worker convinced himto attend an open mic night. Hart’s mother agreed to cover her son’s $550/monthrent while he chased this dream (Weiner).

            Hart’s career got offto a slow start in 2001 and getting booed off stage was consistent for his firstseveral gigs. After these initial failures, Hart began to participate in comedycompetitions throughout Massachusetts as he gradually established his own comedicstyle, which often includes self-deprecation and jokes about his short stature.Sifting through his insecurities and life experiences, Kevin Hart’s career beganto truly take flight. “I’m a Grown Little Man” (2009) was Hart’s first act ofhis now five comedy tours, followed by “Seriously Funny” in 2010, “Laugh at MyPain” in 2011, “Let Me Explain” in 2013, and “What Now?” in 2016. “Laugh at MyPain” was one of the top-selling comedy tours of 2011, grossing over $15 million(“Kevin Hart” Wikipedia).

Hart has stated that five comedians have inspired him,Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, and Jerry Seinfeld (McCarthy).            Kevin Hart’s film debutcame in 2002, with the movie Paper Soldiers,and has since been in at least 40 movies, most notable of which being Ride Along (2014), Central Intelligence (2016),and Get Hard (2017) (“Kevin Hart”IMDb). Hart has also had his share ofTV time, hosting the 2012 MTV Music Awards and appearing in a recurring role onABC’s Modern Family.

The series Real Husbands of Hollywood and Workaholics also found Hart a part of theircasts. Kevin Hart also hosted the 2015 ComedyCentral Roast of Justin Bieber (“Kevin Hart” Biography).            In 2003, Kevin Hart marriedfellow comedian Torrie Hart. After having two children, Heaven Leigh and Hendrix,the couple filed for a divorce in February 2010, which was finalized in November2011. They share joint custody of their kids.

Hart’s father, Henry Witherspoon,recovered from his cocaine addiction and their relationship has improved. Both hismother and father have been mentioned in Hart’s stand-up routine. Witherspoon’sdarker moments are only fleetingly mentioned, and he is portrayed as “a more orless lovable cartoonish character,” such as when he “tried to steal a $20 bill givento Kevin by a relative” (Weiner). His mother has been portrayed in Hart’s routinesas a “loving, yet intimidating woman.” Nancy Hart died from cancer in 2007 (“KevinHart” Wikipedia).

In 2014, Kevin Hart proposed to his now-wife Eniko Parrish, marryingher in 2016. Parrish gave birth to their son Kenzo Kash on November 21, 2017.            Kevin Hart has had one runin with the law, when he was arrested on April 14, 2013 on suspicion of drunk driving.He nearly hit a tanker truck on a Southern California freeway, and failed a fieldsobriety test.

He was booked for misdemeanor DUI and sentenced to three years ofprobation after he pleaded no contest to one count of driving under the influenceof alcohol on August 5, 2013 (“Kevin Hart” Wikipedia).


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