It’s Amaya group. They have a different criteria

It’s obvious that pricing plays a crucial role in any business. When considering about Amaya group. They have a different criteria of setting price.According to the theory there are several steps in setting price,1. Selecting the price objective.

2. Determining demand.3. Estimating cost.4.

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Analyzing competitor’s price and offers.5. Selecting pricing method.6. Selecting final price.

Hotel industry is growing day by day in Sri Lanka as well in the global market. Setting a price should be very effective to the organization as well the customer. Customers compare the price and the facilities provided. If the organization failed to set a fair price customers attention will be turn around to the competitors. So Amaya has some unique factors that they consider when setting prices.1. How unique they are.

Most of the time when customers are looking for hotels, the hotels all look kind of the same. In that case, the customers just try to find the best deal between the prices that they are willing to pay and the quality they expect.But most of the customers finds a unique experience rather than just finding a place to sleep. In that case Amaya has given a different experience over the other hotels in Kandy.Amaya has Resorts, Bungalows and Ayurveda resorts which are situated in cultural and historical places all around the country.

Which makes convenience for the customers. Why Amaya is unique?They provide,• Boating, surfing and watersports.• Cultural allure.• Family holidays.• Romantic Honeymoons.• Nature Adventures.• Working Holidays.

Amaya’s offers, services and packages makes them unique in the market.2. Competitors pricing Strategies.3. Demand (local ; tourists)4. Government policies.

(taxation)Those are the four factors that are considered by Amaya when they offer a value to their service..


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