It’s was happy with the Christians. Although

It’s been weeks since he last saw his family.

I missed everyone too much. Except for his father. He did not miss it at all. Life among the missionaries was different from what he imagined. “My father’s reputation prefigures him,” Nwoye said, gathering everything he could in a few words. “You are one of us now,” Kiaga said. “You’ll be safe here with us,” Nwoye interrupted him.

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“What’s wrong with my family? They can not see me.” Mr. Kiaga smiled at Nwoye. “Do not worry, your family will be safe.”Months passed and Nwoye arrived at Umuofia, Umuofia was different.

Christians have had a great impact since they arrived here. Hear the whispers of people around him when he arrives. He realizes that whispers have always followed the name, Okonkwo. Nwoye was happy with the Christians. Although he had to endure his fellow converts, he accepted them in any way. Now that Umuofia is different, he wants everyone in Umuofia to accept his new self, Isaac.Isaac sounded better than Nwoye.

He watched everyone. I could not believe he was here. White men and women walked, talking casually, laughing. A sight you would not see before. He went to the school to which he applied.

Isaac went to his class to discover that his classmates were also converts. They turned and looked at him. “You must be the new one.” An older man told him. Isaac nodded. “I am Isaac”, everyone was watching him. “My name is Andrew,” he says.

Andrew acknowledged the arrival of Isaac. “You are Igbo, are not you?” Andrew asked. “My father was one of them, he was against Christians, although everyone in my family wanted to confront him, everyone was afraid of him, but I didn’t do it,” replied Isaac. .When fifty years passed, Isaac saw Umuofia evolve. He saw his people separated in different populations and was treated unfairly.

He could not understand the pain when he realized that his tradition that he had left was no longer there. He still thinks that Ikemefuna is still alive, and Okonkwo is there to disagree with him. But unfortunately, that would not be true, these days are gone. He is an old man now. While waiting for his sister to come to Umuofia, he looked at the letter he had received, reminding him that at least he did not look like his father, he told himself.When the bus stopped the stop, Isaac saw his sister Ezinma, ran to her and hugged her. As they returned to Isaac’s home, Ezinma began telling Isaac what had happened to his family when they left Umuofia.

“We joined a few years later,” said Ezinma. “They call me Isabel now” Isaac was surprised. “It’s good for you to come back, it’s been several years since you left our Father,” he said.

“Yes, I’m glad here in Umuofia, my dad told me it was where I belonged,” says Isabella. “I’m glad you’re here,” Isaac said to Isabella, smiling.


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