It the expert life ahead. Much obliged to

It would clearly be bad form also the name of the general population required to make this task conceivable and helped their most extreme to influence me to comprehend the general activity of the organization as of their best learning. In spite of the most frenzied timetable, Sir Shahzad Gill helped me to such an extent.

Im extremely appreciative to sir for elucidating my ideas and influencing me to gain from his experience. Whatever I learnt from you will help me in my up and coming examination and the expert life ahead. Much obliged to you such a great amount for being so co-agent thus supportive without fail.

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I trust sir I have been up to your desires. At last, I am exceedingly appreciative to the staff individual from Masood Textile Mills Limited. Who truly collaborated with me and gave me their total direction. ZahidRasheed Executive SUMMARY I joined Masood Textile Mills LTD, as an Internee. The thought process of joining the MTM is to have an introduction of material area and potential to profit a sound and promising profession in not so distant future.

I committed one and half months to find out about MTM, which will be helpful for me in the event that I join material division. I got one and half month preparing to find out about their hierarchical culture, their qualities and items. Amid preparing I nearly went by each bureau of MTM clothing division, plants, and peacock division and endeavor to get the hang of roof. The goal of this report is that I have set is to express what I did watched and how I underwrite the qualities to conquer shortcoming and evacuate the risk. It will be troublesome for me to express the entire procedure and strategies from specialized perspective are not all things considered vital. History Textile Sector and Pakistan The business has an aggregate of 1221 units occupied with ginning and 442 units occupied with turning. There are around 124 extensive units that attempt weaving and 425 little units.

There are around 20600 power lingers in task in the business. The business likewise houses around 10 extensive completing units and 625 little units. Pakistans material industry has around 50 huge and 2500 little piece of clothing fabricating units. Besides, it additionally houses around 600 knitwear-creating units and 400 towel-delivering units.

Kohistan Bus Service 1973 Masood Textile Mills Turning 1994 Articles of clothing 1995 Modern Co-agent Bank 1994 Rabia Trust Hospital 1994 Kakakhel Ghee Mills 1994 Vertical Operations Turning Weaving Texture dying Mills Wrapping up Clothing Cutting Sewing Completing Apparel Division Pressing Presentation of Company Ch. Nazir Ahmed who was the author built up Masood Textile factories constrained in 1984 and now Ch. ShahidNazir is the CEO.

The Masood material plant is perceived under the organization law 1984. The organization has present day mechanized systems administration framework. All the Accounting and back relating work is helped out through PC. The organization has skill in texture, ginning turning, sewing clothing and attire fabricating. The organizations attire division, which is producing amazing pieces of clothing, is arranged at Sargodha Road, close Signet Cinema, Faisalabad. Be that as it may, its enrolled office has moved to close to imprison street Faisalabad. The organization execute the quality framework and had granted ISO 9002 declaration.

The organization jam quality standard at all levels to dispatch consistency and proficiency. The organization is spreading its items to U.S.A, Europe and china. The organization additionally have AATCC particular which guarantee that every single quality standard are saved. Chiefs Message Welcome to the Masood Textile Mills Ltd.

It enacts all through the world with more than 21,000 workers as a component of our group. Its Collection has a broad choice of value pieces of clothing including T-shirt, Polo shirt, Jogging suit, Henley shirt, Raglan shirt, Tank top, Undergarments, Shorts, Pants and Sleepwear. Skilled expert staff, a group of talented merchandisers, fantastic supplies and bolster administrations, and best in class innovation is the main impetus behind Masoods incredible development in the previous years. Masood has drawn out its tasks to incorporate the Internet, and has exploited the assortment of global exchange encouraged by the Web. Presently Masood utilizes best in class customer/server innovation for its market material procedures to organize its system of worldwide purchasers and specialists around the globe. Human Resource Management Management and departmental level of the MTM clothing department MTM comprises of the accompanying divisions sailing Production Planning and Control (PPC) Industrial Engineering produce i. Cutting ii.

Stitching iii. Finishing iv. Crop v. packaging vi. Shipment Quality confirmation Quality Control Human Resources Information Technology Purchase Financial Forwarding Store Marketing Transport Compliance Cleaning Data Technology Department Structure of Information Technology Department Electronic Data Processing Manager _ _________________________________________________________ Representative Manager Data handling Deputy Manager Data Operations Deputy Director Web/Email Collaborator Manager Data Processing Assistant Manager Data Operations Assistant Director Web/Email Information Processing Officer Data Operating Offices Web Engineers Presentation Data division of Masood material factories is great. All the work is done on the PCs. That is the reason in mtm there is paperless condition. As we as a whole of us know when PCs are utilized at that point work is done in less time and ought to be done correctly.

In mtm wide territory framework is utilized because of this duplicate the information and afterward one factory to the attire. They likewise can refresh the full framework. HRMS (Human Resource Management System) AMS (Apparel administration System) GMS( Gate Management System) IMS (Inventory administration System) FMS (Fabric Management System) Objective MTM Garments Division has extremely present day full strengthened I.T office.

The fundamental goal of I.T division is to gather, comprehend and condense the information in an effortlessly comprehends capable frame. Presently we I.

T at masood sharp. Promoting Department Promoting Manager Sr. Merchandiser Merchandiser Right hand Merchandiser Administration Trainee Promoting Performs the Following Functions Market investigation Data investigation Procurement Visual introduction Feed back Product arranging Pricing Distribution Market examination incorporates anticipation of future patterns in the market in regards to monetary, way of life, form and contenders. Right now MTM foresees the future contenders like China and India in aftereffect of WTO strategies and now effective contending the china in quality and cost. Examination all the accessible information for updating and expectation, Merchandiser additionally about the adornments buy and to arrange. Item arranging worries about testing and with respect to innovative work. The merchandiser begins his work with new asks, new request are the clients first thump at MTM.

The merchandisers increment the offer of items through individual offering classes and physically slow down introduction in overall fabric fairs and displays. Be that as it may, presently because of high caliber of MTM and clients trust on MTM quality MTM just depending on individual offering or request clients connection. At the point when new asks comes in the promoting division begins taking a shot at it on the bases of client request required in the request. Marketing depth.

Prepares tests. Advertising Mix Product Mix Results of Masood Textile Mill are cotton/engineered fiber yarn, weaved/colored textures and articles of clothing. MTM sends out entire of its items to US, Germany and different other nation. Significant segment of yarn are utilized as a part of assembling procedure and surplus is traded. Product Line Masood Textile Mills delivered diverse top notch send out situated items to the global market. These are as under.

Yarn Knitted Fabric Garments These incorporates the Loungewear Sportswear Active wear Sleepwear Athletic Underwear Nations of Export MTM is endeavoring to expand the piece of the overall industry. Today organization is sending out its items to numerous nations like, USA Hong Kong Japan thus numerous others. Creation, Planning and Control (PPC) Merchandising PPC Production PPC fills in as a scaffold amongst marketing and generation. It stands Production arranging and control. In this division the works begins when new ask changed over into buying request. The merchandiser sands to PPC division which begins chip away at it. Capacities Optimization of assets (man, machine, material) Costing innovative work (RD) Purchase arrange accepting Capacity Time line ( time, activity) Fabric extras (sewing and pressing) Fabric request design ( lead time) Adornments Demand Plan Optimization of assets ( man, machine, material ) Costing innovative work (RD) Purchase arrange accepting Capacity Time line (time, activity) Fabric adornments (sewing and pressing) Fabric request design (lead time) Accessories request design Military Planning Military arranging incorporates, Fabric arranging Accessories arranging Texture Planning Each securing request has its own request about texture. Each obtaining request has its own particular item bundle.

Undertaking bundle implies each acquiring request has an alternate (GSM) gram per square meter. There is a slight edge in GSM, which is reasonable by the client because of decrease impact, it is up to 5. Texture arranging likewise incorporates that what kind of cotton of requires for creating this texture. Creation Department We trust that counteractive action is superior to treatment.

Amid the way toward sewing we have inline examination and last assessment forms. The articles of clothing are 100 examined by exceedingly experienced investigators. Our goal is to create with Zero Defects. The Back Tracking System assumes an essential part in creating awareness of others expectations and responsibility in each individual in making and reviewing the pieces of clothing. Take after are the stepwise activity, which are trailed by the generation office In the initial step created arranging and control office forward a PPC document to the generation office In second step mechanical designing office registers the standard permitted minutes for a specific capacity, for example, neckline connections.

After the overhead two stages generation office will plan the stream of piece of clothing. Then material will cut in the cutting division. After slicing enlistment will be moved to the allocated units. Stitching of the articles of clothing will be done in the units. Clipping is done subsequent to sewing squeezing Final Inspection Super last Inspection Packing Internal review External review Ex-processing plants Creation Department (Stitch to Pack) The fundamental goal of sewing office is to sew up best quality article of clothing in productive way as indicated by the particulars of the clients. Process Flow Stitching Sewing unit takes its part shape enlistment division and begin sewing process.

The laborers in the division are on legally binding premise. Each sewing unit has a different brand for line. Chain stream method is utilized as a part of sewing unit. Each laborer plays out a solitary capacity on all pieces advances it to next specialist for additionally work. Until the point when the piece is finished. In the wake of sewing the section work is done on the article of clothing. Every single additional string are expelled in this capacity. After it the pieces of clothing are squeezed.

Steam is utilized for this reason. In the wake of squeezing the articles of clothing are forward for review. In sewing unit following machines are utilized for article of clothing making. Flat Lock Machine Over Lock Machine Lock Stick Machine 2 NCS Machine ZigZag Machine Bar Taking Machine B/Sewing Machine Snap Machine Tajima Embroidery Machine Pressing Process In the wake of sewing the article of clothing are forward for pressing. Chain stream is utilized is for pressing One individual checks the item, other allocate stickers, at that point putting in Polly sacks and afterward moving to containers. Each individual who finished any activity on the article of clothing take a scanner tag slip.

Whats more, can be utilized for back following if essential. At that point these containers are moved to transfer store for assist procedures, Part of Inline Quality Control Adjusted quality control is entirely connected. In examiners check the sewing, culling, squeezing, extras, sizes and pressing particular of the pieces of clothing.

On the off chance that there is any variety they instantly tail it and attempt to cover it. The fundamental obligation of inline quality control is to guarantee quality at each cost. They need to check each and every piece made in the sewing unit.

With the goal that each piece is as indicated by states of the client. Quality Control System at MTM There are quality checks at each phase of assembling beginning from Raw Catton, Yarn Fabric, Processing, Cutting, Stitching and Packing. Prior to the texture is cut, it is checked whether it complies with the clients guidelines of shrinkage, completed g/cm 2 and so on. After each part of texture is cut, 100 slice parts investigation is led to guarantee that lone great quality pieces move to the sewing unit. Amid the way toward sewing, every single procedure is investigated by in line reviewers. The monitors ensure that exclusive great parts move to the following stage. A trimming and squeezing of the pieces of clothing, exceedingly experienced last examiners assess each article of clothing.

The Excellence affirmation group screens the introduction of each individual reviewer b grabbing the investigated article of clothing and checking the nature of these pieces of clothing. To guarantee that the piece of clothing are pressed according to the necessities of our esteemed clients, we can even track and check, which facilitate the articles of clothing, has been stuffed in. With the assistance of this, we intend to accomplish the Zero Defect Level. Texture Store Texture originates from the plants article of clothing, as indicated by the buy arrange. Textures issued towards cutting withdraw for the benefit of demand.

Frill Store Frill store gave the accompanying thing on the necessity of various division like Thread, Labels, catches and so on. Delivery Store The delivery store in the wake of finishing the pieces of clothing for the fare reason to the transportation store. Remaining and Rejection Store The store worked all the waste and rejected pieces are sent to this store. The MTM has solid stock administration framework (IMS). IMS separated in to two segments I) General The store worked every one of the things not in a straight line identified with the generation yet fundamental or supporting to the creation in mobiles.

PCs stationary, Air conditioners, Electric generators, furniture and installation and so on. ii) Accessories The store are utilized all thing that creation and are specifically utilized as a part of delivering the completed items are kept in adornments division in the Buttons, sewing string, trim cards, marks, poly sacks and so forth. Completing Department Primary Finishing Checks Stain Rafu Re Stitch In completing office diverse exercises are performed. This is yvery imperative office in light of the fact that from here the articles of clothing are dispatch to shipment. In the wake of sewing the article of clothing goes to section division, where additional string from texture cuts.

Subsequent to cut-out the article of clothing has looked at to discover stain and spots. The article of clothing which has stains sends for evacuating stain to isolate table where diverse synthetics are utilizing for expelling the stains. There is 100 check of estimation of the piece of clothing by definite assessors, which is additionally another mind the nature of the article of clothing. Here some under quality piece of clothing are sends to administrators for modification and the articles of clothing that not in any case change are rejected. There is a different sheet for rejected article of clothing.

Completing in control haphazardly checks the article of clothing. At last the alright article of clothing sands to pressing table, entire piece of clothing is checked 100 preceding pressing. At that point article of clothing are pressed into rappers and rappers and stuffed in paper bundling and sends to shipment division.

Shipment The shipment division has following strategy Getting of packs Racking Data to quality confirmation office Quality confirmation review Pink slip if rejected Green slip assuming alright Sweeps and dispatched The opening can be dismissed based on this quality review Process in Apparel Division of MTM Following advances are engaged with all procedures of attire division PPC merchandiser Communication with client proto Tests Fit Samples Size Samples per Production Approvals of Fabric Shading, Lab Dips Order Received with Time Line Fabric PO sent to factories QC Checking Fabric Received in store Cutting Planning QC and AQ Checking Cutting According to Cutting Plan Bar coding Bundling ticketing Acceptance Stitching unit getting hanging starting tasks swing activities In line Inspection (QCQA) Stain expelling Alteration Q/An examination Specs Final Inspection Super Final Inspection (QCQA) Packing and Packaging Shipment office Racking Quality affirmation review Acceptation or dismissal Dispatching to client one of recognize nature of Masood, Production framework is this is the office. This can be said as an operator from MTM side, which checks the required parameters and suggests arrangement at each level of process. It has two areas, Gray segment, which checks the textures for shortcomings. Quality Assurance Department Quality Assurance Manager Associate Manager Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Officer Quality Assurance Auditors Administration Train Obligations of value affirmation There are three obligations of value affirmation. Monitoring the framework Evaluating staff included Assuring nature of item Remedial and Preventive Actions The remedial and preventive activities are extremely solid in masood Strong preventive activities are intended to guarantee the quality and keep away from any sort of blame. Preventive Actions Fabric Audit Cutting Audit Measurement Audit Finishing Audit Forwarding Department The sending division assume imperative part for shipment of piece of clothing to different nations with utilizing of numerous documentation. They utilize compartment to exchange of article of clothing like 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft HC. They utilize the accompanying equations to ascertain the CBM.

Method of Transportation Road transportation Rail transportation Air transportation Sea transportation Documentations Bill of driving A record that builds up the terms of an agreement between a shipper and transportation organization. The accompanying heads incorporates Shipper name Consignee Notify party Export reference numbers Agents name Vessel number Port of release Place of conveyance Final goal Description of merchandise Aviation route charge An aviation route charge is a narrative confirmation of the agreement of carriage between the shipper and the transporter. It incorporates the accompanying heads Supplier name Consignee Form trade number Notify party Airport not release Airport of receipt Airport of stacking Description of products Gross/net weight L.C number Business receipt The business receipt made by the sending divisions which go to the purchaser of items.

It incorporates the accompanying heads. Invoice number Shipper name Consignee name Notify party Agents name Export enrollment number Payments terms Discretion of products Back division Training Department Training department is a sub department of Human Resources department. Training department is responsible for conducting training programs.

Training department assess the weak areas of the organizations employees and conduct the training program for them. If there is any development in company curriculum then training department conduct the training program for teacher for effectiveness in studies. Career Planning Department Career planning department is working under Human Resource Management department. Career planning department is a new personnel function.

Career planning department of this company is focusing on to motivate their employees towards their jobs with high efficiently and effectiveness. Career planning department of kamal has deep focus on individual employee potentials for promotion towards the organization needs and opportunities. Career planning department also help and cooperate with all internee scheme in Kamal Hoisery Mills. Financial Management Financial Management department handles the all money tax matters of and manages the financial resources of Kamal Mills and also leads the Administration department of the company. Financial Management department performs the extensive responsibilities.

Main function of Financial Management department _4 Ooh_c/Z2K.eFD.-z15-WH -oV xg767/[email protected]/4y GPZcsyG FTjWP UUtLhuI D63Mq6g-gn@ H_Mu spXKgAsFR8yE)8mywmYZPuRPIee_S2OzNaigjT cG3zAs1E77 k NyQnkkjRFv4JU3DfN8W -QYu-5 -VsiK7w rsc/Hcw1tO 4x o _Wm FJ/s-p(g_-hv cKyloQ6zN1tex6qiOIs9CB O3aj-ft/ e6@o7AouwkKLwGqc VqDEF.fjNML92rsu/xwlZ YYh31Or9 ) KkVXtOkauMJOjYa1AF,dfe_.

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