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It was because of the western rule that shaped the modern-day Philippines. It was clearly explained in the article written by Magsaysay that the foreign policy of the Philippine was a product of three considerations: strengthening the Philippines’s national security through the participation in security arrangements along with the other free nations; economic stability by utilizing our foreign relations in promoting foreign trade and economic cooperation to strengthen domestic economy; and lastly, the development of Philippine’s political and cultural relations with the neighboring countries in Asia by participating in regional conferences. These three considerations were expounded on the latter part of the article.The Philippines finds itself closely associated with the United States of America; however, the relationship between the two countries was only because of the result in serving national interest with multilateral treaties. It was because of the Nacionalista Party under the Quezon and Osmena regime that we acquired the independence from the American rule, the freedom that every Filipino people ever wanted. I must say that I agree with Magsaysay’s statement that the freedom attained is a right of ours and not a gift. Although, I don’t deny that the Philippines being colonized did not bring us to any good. When in fact, t shaped the modern Philippines today – a perfect example was when the Spaniards introduced the Catholic faith to the people residing in the Philippines back then.

The relationship between the Philippines and America did not begin with them being friends; instead, it began with war. However, it did not take long when they began fighting on the same side under the same command. To fully understand the foreign policy of the Philippines, it is necessary to know the relationship of Philippines and America. Others might find it strange to see how the Philippines still manage to become allies with its colonizers when they once rule over the Philippines, especially those Asian countries who were also colonized by the west.It was when the relationship of the Philippines and American was not good that the Communism spread throughout the Southeast Asia region. As we all know, America has always been an anti-communism state which made the United States of America the mortal enemy of the Soviet Union, a communist state. A movement which began as a resistance organization during the Japanese colonial era became the military army of the Communist Party in the Philippines, and this movement was known to be the Hukbalahap movement.

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With the movement’s rampant violence, it was already given that the Philippines will not survive without being aided. In result, the Philippines under the Roxas regime, and the Liberal Party have gone to a series of agreements with America. Bilateral treaties during this time served its purpose; however, it is still necessary for multilateral arrangements. Due to external and internal attacks of Communism, SEATO was established to protect countries from the communist attacks.

According to the Foreign Policy, the Philippines being dependent on America began with a series of bilateral agreement; however, I find it absurd that the Philippines is so reliant on the United States. It may be advantageous to the United States of America. I know that the United States of America is a nation that by far has given Philippines military support.

It’s just that seeing the latest news today, the most recent President of the Philippines, President Duterte, has begun making relations to China, another communist state, and the Soviet Union. It might be because he saw how the Philippines were too reliant on the United States of America, and it may cause problems in the future. It would be better if the Philippines would stop being a puppet to the United States of America. On the other hand, Recto also had the same idea of how the Philippines are followers of the United States of America even with the domestic affairs.

Aside from that, he also elaborated the duty of Filipinos now that Philippine is an independent republic. As citizens of our country, we should act free and act as Filipinos since we are now an independent republic. He also agreed that the freedom we acquired was not a gift but a right. Furthermore, he elaborated the ideal government should the Philippines have, which I say that I agree to him: a government that is capable of exercising its powers and responsibilities of independence in domestic and foreign affairs; a government that deserve the loyalty of people, hence will not be forced to trade sovereignty for survival; and a government that knows how to live within its revenues.Recto mentioned the Mendicant Foreign Policy wherein he explained the concept of mendicancy. As I understood the concept, I was able to put into the picture what Recto was trying to say.

A story of between a benefactor and a beggar, wherein the beggar is the Philippines while the benefactor is the United States of America. As long as the United States of America kept on aiding the Philippines with military and financially that have led to its economic stability, we will forever be in debt with America. In which, I think that if this kind of situation continues America might not leave us alone.

Consequences of this Mendicant Foreign Policy will lead the Philippines back again to the Americans. We should not forget that when the Philippines declared its independence, almost half of the countries did not recognize its declaration and still look at the Philippines as an open purpose of attack. Isolated from other Asian countries, we were left with New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and America as our possible lifeline. Eventually, it will lead the Philippines back to the Americans for self-defense. If a war breaks out, the Philippines will then be divided into faction: one will be committed to the United States and others on the Soviet Union. It will then result in a fratricidal war, the cruelest of all wars.

Looking in the modern day world, we see that the relationship between the Philippines and America is still evident. However, with our current president today, I might think that the Philippines is not that dependent anymore on America since President Duterte has been making possible ways to reconnect with the other communist states. We still cannot deny the fact that America has been part of the Political History of the Philippines.


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