It condolences.Words fall short of the pain you

It saddens us to hear of your sudden loss, deepest condolences.We are with you in times of sorrow, sincerest condolences.

No word in the entire world can express how saddened we are to hear of your loss. Words of condolence.Nothing can compare the pain you are going through, no one can imagine it either. Deepest condolences.Words fall short of the pain you are going through right now, sincerest condolences.Deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences for the loss you have had.

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Condolences, our hearts are with you in times of sorrow.I am deeply saddened to hear of your loss, deepest sympathy and condolences.Please accept our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy at this most challenging times.Wishing you peace and strength during these difficult times, my condolences.Condolences for your loss, may you find comfort in knowing that we are with you in these difficult times.Though my words do little, may you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Words of condolences.The pain you are going through right now is beyond unimaginable, but take heart and know that it is not the length of life but the depth of it, deepest condolences.Words however kind, cant mend your heartache. Our most heartfelt sympathies and condolences.Condolence message to my best friend for your loss. We are with you in this time of grief and sorrow. Stay strong for this time shall pass. Our deepest condolences.

I’m so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with your. My condolences.I don’t know if there is anything i can say or do, just know that I am here for you. My heartfelt condolences.Extending deep and heartfelt condolences for the pain and suffering you are going through.The sorrow you are going through is so easy to express and yet so hard to tell, my most sincere condolences.Words of condolences, may lasting peace surround your grieving heart at these difficult times.

May your heart, soul and mind find peace and comfort, words of condolences.If not the words, may the outpouring love surrounding you comfort you, condolences.Our only prayer is that you soul and heart finds peace and comfort in these most tough times, sincerest condolences.We stand by you, in time where you have lost your best friend and treasure, sincerest condolences.You have lost someone special, someone so special who can never be forgotten.

Sincerest condolences.May you be reminded that we share in your sorrow with love and friendship. Words of condolence.I cannot believe that we have lost such a great person and that he/she will never be with us again, but we have to believe that he/she is in a better place watching over us. My condolences.Words cannot express our sorrow, this world will never be the same without him/her.

My condolences.Though he/she is lost to the world, his/her face remains forever in our image. He/She will be missed. Words of condolences.May the thoughts of comfort help you in getting over the immense void left behind by your loss.

Condolences.The loss of the people we love is not easy, but it brings peace and comfort knowing we shared in their life. My condolences.May her/his soul rest in eternal peace, God will surely welcome him/her with open arms for all the good deeds done while still on earth.

My condolences and sympathies.It was an honor to have known and interacted with such a unique and special person in this world, no one can ever replace him/her. My condolences.Hearing about your loss has deeply saddened me, but it cannot be compared to what you are experiencing and going through right now.

My condolences.We have lost a great person, but the heavens have received a new angel to keep watch over us. My condolences to you dear friend.The type of loss you have had comes without warning, and there is no one who could prepare you for it.

Take comfort in knowing that he/ she is resting in a heavenly place. Words of condolence.When we lose someone here on earth, the heavens receive a bright star that shines above us to guide us in our every en-devour during dark time . Sincerest condolences.You and your family are in my heart and mind, my prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time. My condolences.It was a bog blow when i heard about your sudden loss, and i express my sincere sympathy to you and your family. Words of condolences.

My prayer, thoughts and well-wishes are to you during this dark time in your life. Sincerest condolences.My condolences be extended to you and your family for the loss you have gone through.No matter what i say or do, I don’t think it will bring down the sorrow, but I hope it will show that I am with you during this difficult time.

Deepest condolences.May God place her soul in a peaceful place where she/he will be watching over us, the people who treasured and adored her/him. Words of condolences.

I may not know what you are going through right now, but I know it isn’t easy. Just take heart and know that I am here for and with you during these dark times. Sincerest condolences.


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