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It is defined as Jobsatisfaction is as discrete negative or positive behavior in the direction oftheir own job. It is also says that apositive feelings regarding single job is rely on one assessment of thecharacteristics of the job. In the same way, the different selection of trust,faith and feelings that the employees think about their present job. Accordingto “Kreitner and Kinicki (2007)” job satisfaction is vitally important, because it can expanse the employee likesabout his or her current job.

In the different motivation of work theories haveconfirmed the existence role of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is thecommonly accepted theory that was suggested by “Locke (1976)”, he describe thejob satisfaction as “a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting fromthe appraisal of one’s job or job experiences”. Different theorist explainedthe job satisfaction components: emotional, cognitive, and behavioralcomponents. In emotional components, the feelings about the job-related such aslack of enthusiasm, nervousness, anger andexcitement. In cognitive components related to beliefs with reference to asingle job such as trustworthy, mentally demanding and gratifying. Finally, inthe behavioral components includes employees behaviors or attitudes relating totheir job such as retardation, delay in working and to keeps away from the work.

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Thefunction of the job satisfaction stability between “work-role inputs” what theeach employee invest in the role of the work (e.g time, achievement), anotheris “work-role outcomes” is that what the employees’ has received from theorganization (e.g salary, standard, working conditions). The member of theworkforce believes that it’s very difficult to search a similar job that ismore likely to be pleased with the current outcomes from the job. An employee’spast experience with applicable outcomes is anticipating impacting that how aworker understands the outcome that they are received from the organization. Primarily,the two types of job satisfaction is based on the level of the workers outcomesrelating their job. The first level is “global job satisfaction” what employee’sfeelings and overall outcomes regarding to their current job. Thesecond level is “job facet satisfaction” it relates to employees’ feelingsregarding to their job such as pay, reward, work condition , organizationhierarchy.

Similarly, there is anumbers of myths are explained by different researchers regarding jobsatisfaction. In the one myth that a happy employee is a high-yielding employee.In many theory the research has provide little support that “a happy employeesis productive” if the employees has satisfied with their job. On the otherside, some researchers suggested if employees’ productivity is increase becauseof employees’ satisfaction. Thus, there is a weak correlation between twovariables. In the organization productivity has negative correlate to the happyemployees and it’s have a positive correlate at the workplace or in thesociety. It has also a positive effect on the organization’s image. Hence,still they are giving reward who is happy and satisfied workers in the organization.

Salary or pay of the each worker is the most important role in the jobsatisfaction. On the other side, if the organization environment is veryenjoyable then employees’ are more satisfied with their job. In theorganization, some employees’ had a high pay but basically they are notsatisfies with their current job because of tiresome, and deficiency ofknowledge. In fact, some employees’ has a low-paying job and there is satisfiedbecause of sufficient ambitious.

Subjective is very important in the jobsatisfaction for the each employees’ and the each condition being evaluate. Thereare a large number of factors that determine the conditions that how much each employee’sare more satisfied with their job and it is very difficult to determine thatwhat types of factors are very essential to each employees.Accordingto the different researchers’ job satisfaction is a most important topic.

Its depend on the different effectse.g production increases, to increase customers comfort, and to enhance or improveefficiency and performance. Locke has defined “Job satisfaction as apositive emotional feelings resulting from acceptable evaluation ofhis/her experience towards the job” (Locke, 1976). “Kalleberg (1977)” suggestedthat the job satisfaction depend on two different factors.

The first is “Intrinsic”and the second is “Extrinsic”.In the intrinsic job satisfactionthat how employees’ feel regarding to their current job and the job tasks whilein the “extrinsic job satisfaction that how the employees’ feel about the facetof the work condition that are external to the job tasks.” Various theoriesbuild up and explained the different factors of job satisfaction. In 1950s, manypractitioners have worked on the nature of job satisfaction and build differentmodels and also carry forward many studies to test the different models.Similarly,the job satisfaction theories are categories in two groups: “Content Theories” and”Process Theories”. In the content theory, that each employees’ focus on theneeds that convince the employees’ behavior, on the other side in processtheory focus on the different behaviors conditions that influence the intensityand the direction of the behavior. In the “Herzberg theory” the two factors iscategories in two different kinds of needs “motivating factors” in which theneed for mental disturbance, it includes work itself e.

g attainment,realization, obligation and duty. In the “hygiene factor” to keep away frompain it includes work is related with the organization environment such assalary, company rules and regulation, the mangers are supervised. The Herzbergand his fellow worker assume that the peoples are not satisfied with the”hygiene factors” as an alternative they also keep away from the customers andalso dissatisfied it. On the other side, the “motivating factor” leads themotivation level or job satisfaction.

Different journalist is calculated the job satisfaction, acollection of researchers have used up job satisfaction model of “FrederickHerzberg’s twofactors is Intrinsic and extrinsic”. He also furtherelaborate that an employee could be agrees or disagrees at the same time on thebased on outside or inside facet of the job. Indicate that the “Herzberg’smodel” has examine that the model is very useful to the behavior of newemployees in the firm because it gives to the employees positions whounderstand the model of job satisfaction that merge with the specialadvantages. In the studies if the different journalist that the “jobsatisfaction is the possible difference between professional values andorganizational changes or barriers that can make it difficult to belong theideal norms and practices”. On the other side, in the newspaper journalist jobis more than satisfied than the other employees who is working in another jobbut in the mean while for the short period, sometime it could be happen sometimethat the employees satisfaction goes down because they understand the skill totheir best work. Investigator hasdiscovered that the many different types of variables are more significant tothe job satisfaction of journalist such as “organizational support, socialsupport, perception of job quality and job security”. Emergent Ideas:Atthe time of hiring, recruiters are considering all factors related to job fit(person-organization fit, person-job fit, boss-person fit) to measure the  level of job satisfaction initially andduring the his/her work in the organization.

Measuring all the variables whichcan clearly depicts satisfaction an individual employee and which areas ofinterest could be they should be working in to enhance positiveattitude about their job. In this dynamic era, many organizations have takenmeasures for those employees who feel dissatisfied and could not performwell.  Affects based variables playsvital role in this regard. Many organizations are working on facets of jobsatisfaction to know which factor is the binding factor for majority of theemployees and equalizing.

Organizational environment also predicts employee’ssatisfaction. Employees who perceive encouraging environment in theirassociation deliver their best. Managers today are making efforts to create anenvironment which can be productive for both employee and employer.


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