It today, it seems like everything has

It was summer, end of the school year. After Bryce planted the baby sycamore tree in Juli’s backyard, they both smiled at each other.

On the ground, half way through, they flickered a smile. It’s like a start of something new.?”Do you like it?” Bryce asked, as he cleaned up the mess”Well, to be honest, I loved it. The fact that you really chose a baby sycamore tree, it’s just that, it’s my favorite tree. ” Juli replied” Thank God, My family were at Mayhoward’s Flower and Plant Shop yesterday, and then I saw that baby sycamore tree and thought about you.” He smiled at her”Oh my, You’re too kind!” She happily said and giggled.

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?The two just strolled in the neighborhood, looking at the houses around them, and thinking about how fast the whole year went. Bryce talked about how much wanted to kiss her. Juli, just giggled. Back then, Juli really has a big crush on Bryce, since the day that she saw Bryce and his family moving to their neighborhood.

She’s really eager to be friends with him. Bryce on the other hand, is really cold to Juli. It seems like, Juli creeps him out. But today, it seems like everything has flipped, It was like yesterday.

It was complete opposite.?They went to Juli’s place, they saw her mom cooking lunch. Mrs. Baker asked Bryce if He wants to eat lunch with their family. He refused, because he needs to go home by 2 pm. They have some kind of family gathering and talk. His dad, Mr. Loski said that it’s an urgent family meeting.

Little did Bryce know that tomorrow would be the last day that he will see Juli for this summer.?”Mom, I’m home! Where is grandpa Chet?” Bryce hurriedly went inside their home as he throw his bag on the dresser.”He went outside for a walk, he needs some air. Come on, let’s eat!” Mrs. Loski said as she prepares the lunch.?As they were eating lunch, Mr. Loski had to interrupt their discussions to say something important.

He said the plans for their summer vacation, and that they will go to their home in New York. Their relatives are living in New York City. Bryce didn’t know how to react, and suddenly he was speechless. He wants to spend his summer with Juli, because for the first time in forever he wants to know more about Juli.

?Juli checks her chickens on their backyard. Up to this day, she’s still checking on them from time to time. It’s her passion, she loves taking care of them.

Most of all, her love of giving out eggs to their friendly neighborhood.  Bryce saw her doing all of this, and he enjoys watching her smiling and having fun. Juli saw Bryce peeking behind the fences of their backyard.


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