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It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Zeeshan Zulfiqar who is applying for MSc program in Civil Engineering (Code-MI 488) at Politecnico di Milano.

I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Zeeshan for over past two years, when he first approached me in spring 2016, for supervising his final year project of bachelor studies at NUST institute of Civil Engineering. From our first appointment when I portrayed the general framework of the project entitled as “Investigation of mechanical properties of Structural Lightweight High Strength Concrete”, he raised sensible questions and appeared intellectual. Subsequently, he reviewed numerous papers on the subject precisely at both library and cyberspace. He did this independently even though I didn’t assigned him so. As I learned that in our next meeting, I was quite impressed at his motivation, interest and amount of energy he is putting in the project.During my supervision, Mr.

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Zeeshan demonstrated his aptitude to work with great enthusiasm. He never hesitated to put in long hours in library/laboratory to meet necessary deadlines I fixed. His project encompassed thorough background research, developing hypothesis, formulating experimentation, data collection and analyses, critical thinking and closing conclusion. Mr. Zeeshan excelled in each of these areas significantly. I was notably taken by Mr. Zeeshan innovative mindset and individual effort.

He resumed to interpret the literature autonomously and raised out of the ordinary hypotheses. Once very week, he punctual report his project progress and wasn’t reluctant to seek supervision. Due to his commitment and interest towards the project, he successfully completed his thesis on scheduled time with grace, scoring ‘A” grade in subsequent bachelor’s project. I have read his statement of purpose with great care; in fact, I have had many discussions with him about selected MSc program, which I find both befitting and enriching his career.Without a doubt, Zeeshan is indeed a remarkable undergraduate student. Bearing in mind, his past performances, along with my familiarity of his demeanor, technical knowledge and competency as a student, I am sure that he will resume on his present track to acquire an illustrious career, which will not solely intensify the knowledge in his research area, but also originate new course in upcoming endeavors. Awarding admission in your Master’s program would be most befitting of his talent as a student.

Keeping in view the eligibility requirements of the graduate program, the scholarship award and the academic record of Mr. Zeeshan, I endorse his application to the admission committee


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