It digital platform such as Google and Facebook”.

It is really obvious that today, the world are increasingly being control by social media and mobiles.

This is also apply to Malaysia with more Malaysian owing a mobiles and easily access of internet in which causing the country has quickly changing into a mobile addict digital country. During the 80’s and 90’s traditional media such as television and newspapers were the excellent choice for every businesses to use in order to reach to their consumers. Now days, traditional media are impossible to reach especially on the young generation as they are too focus on their social media or whose are more into the digital world.

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As social media has rapidly increasing on number of user, McDonald’s Malaysia decided to change their market strategy by promoting and communicating via online media. Due to that McDonald’s Malaysia spending more than 60% of their income budget on media marketing. An article from Venus Hew (2017) which she have an interview with Eugene Lee the marketing director of Mc Donald’s Malaysia.

He stated that “today McDonald’s Malaysia has completely flipped it media strategy around and focusing 70% of its budget on digital platform such as Google and Facebook”. It clearly showed that McDonalds use most of their budget on media marketing to promote their products. Using a huge amount of budget can be risky because it is not 100 percent sure whether the project is going to be successful or the other way around.


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