It seek feedback on your own work regularly

It is incredibly important to get feedback from other individuals because how will you know when you’re going wrong? It’s a massive part in your self-improvement, helping you to gain a better understanding, by improving your knowledge and skills. Other individuals whether it’s your manager, senior carer, other carers or even the service user have a better view point than you, to be able to see where you are making mistakes. Feedback is incredibly important to improve your communication skills and increase your problem-solving abilities. Feedback allows other staff members to communicate any problems that they may have with you in unbiased non-judgemental way, so that you can see and identify the areas in which you need improvement. Having feedback and good communication skills mean that you may find it easier to resolve a tricky situation, by seeing a situation from another’s perspective, you may find it easier to deal with a situation in a more appropriate way. It is important to seek feedback on your own work regularly because sometime after a situation has happened, an individual may then give you the advice you needed during that certain situation, the individual didn’t think to tell you this information before, but if you take active steps to improve your own practise and ask for feedback when you feel unsure the individual is more likely to give you the information that you need at the correct time when its useful to you.


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