It is exceptionally important as a public speaker to know your audience. The demographic analysis will assist you in relating to and more importantly, understanding your audiences point of view. on the off chance that done well your analysis will grant bits of information that will help you in conveying your message and tailor your conveyance to suit this particular audience. the point of demographic analysis is to understand who you’re talking to. Depending on your subject and message some of the following questions will be exceptionally crucial whereas doing a demographic analysis such as There age, how old are they? a speech around time and space would be exceptionally different if you’re talking with a bunch of school-age children versus a gathering of researchers.

moreover is your audience basically a certain race culture or ethnicity this might influence your message choice of word dialect, movements and other viewpoints of your speech. another vital aspect to consider is what is their personality type. introverts and outgoing people have a very diverse inclination which will certainly affect your approach

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