It is evidently true that the World Wars weren’t extremely different but were not extremely similar either.

They were similar in the terms of who lost, and how the US got involved. They were different in the terms of how the wars started, military tactics, and casualties. There are a decent amount of differences between these two wars. One difference was, that WW1 started with the assassination of Austria-este Archduke Ferdinand and WW2 started because in terms of political and economic stability Germany had none, and because of the unfair conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. During WW2 when the Treaty of Versailles was just put into effect Germany, as you can imagine, was not happy with it at all and didn’t react to it well, all the reparations and debts caused Germany to fall into an economic Depression.

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Hitler came to power, and fascism rose in Germany. Other differences were that WW1 was a war based on Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism meanwhile WW2 was a war mainly based on the fighting of peoples ideals of religion, and WW2 was also a fight between Communism and Fascism, meanwhile WW1 was fought mainly to gain land. Although there were quite some differences there were also quite some similarities. Both of the wars were caused by countries thinking they didn’t have as much power as they deserved.

In ww1 Germany was the one that felt it needed more power than it already had, and in ww2 it was not only Germany but the Soviet Union/Russia and Japan also. Another similarity between the two wars is that


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