It of communication are living beings, people.

It is difficult to imagine the contemporary world without communication because communication plays a significant role in human life, and it is impossible to do without it, regardless of whether a person likes being alone or not. In simple words, communication is the transfer of information, ideas or feelings between two or more people. Without communication, formation of personal identity, fostering, intellectual development, accommodation to life is impossible. Communication is vital in the process of the maintenance of interpersonal relations, leisure, an emotional discharge, creativity and it is crucial for a separate individual and also for human communities as an integrated whole.Subjects of communication are living beings, people.

Communication is typical for any living creature, but only at the level of a person, the process of communication becomes conscious, connected by verbal and non-verbal acts. There should be at least two direct participants of communication, which are called the addresser and the recipient. The addresser manages the language activity and makes for it many strategies, rules, operational systems. Third parties may also participate as observers or listeners. And their presence imposes its imprint on the nature of communication.

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Communication is of great importance in the formation of the human psyche, its formation of intelligent, cultural behavior. By communicating with psychologically developed people, thanks to the broad possibilities for learning, a person acquires all higher cognitive abilities and qualities. Through active communication with the developed personalities, just a man becomes an individual.What is more, communication can also be a goal.

Every person needs contact in one way or another. On the one hand, it is a need for new impressions, feelings, knowledge. On the other side, it’s a necessity to share someone’s own experiences and thoughts. And the need for such information exchange for a person is no less urgent than the need for metabolism. Formation of the inner world of a man, his consciousness, feelings, knowledge is also possible only through communication between people. This is evidenced not only by examples of children who were deprived of full-fledged communication and were unable to develop.

Even adults, if they are deprived for a long time of opportunities to communicate with themselves, may lose their previously acquired human qualities. For example, Bozeman A. Selkirk – the prototype Robinson Crusoe, who spent four years alone on a deserted island, not only forgot how to speak but also lost the ability to understand correctly what is happening to him.


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