It expectations. There surely tasks which the normal

It has been a long journey since WayKen was
established. Over the years since its start, it has been one of the leading
rapid CNC prototype manufacturing company not only in China but in the whole
world. However, it has been lacking a major tool; that is a machine that could
tackle some of the toughest machining tasks. 
But that is no more.

WayKen is now a proud owners of a cool 5-axis CNC

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It was quit hard for them to do some of the
machining on their prototypes although they pride in having some of the best
engineers and modelers in the world. Sometimes the prototyping teams would have
to think beyond the expected to figure out a way of producing exact components
as per their customer’s expectations.

There surely tasks which the normal 2, 3
and 4 axis CNC machines could not achieve that easily and at times it even
required the designers to ensure that they avoid complex shapes in their designs.
Happily, am sure this will no longer be the case in the workshop any more. The
machinists and modelers can now machine any kind of shape and the engineers can
surely do ‘there stuff’ better and play with their designing capability; which
am sure will ensure we see more aesthetic prototypes as before.

the huge exuberating?

You might not understand the feeling this
achievement bring to the company and its customers. But just so that you could get
a clue of the huge difference and the joy the 5 axis CNC machine brings to the
workshop, let’s look at some of the differences compared to other CNC machine

There normally four major types of CNC
centers. These are the 2-Axis, 3-Axis, 4-Axis and the 5-Axis CNC machine
centers. Of all these, the 5-Axis is the most superior.

The axis nomenclature of machine

The above nomenclature is used to define
the number axes of a CNC machine center. However, there is some three more axes
which indicated in black arrows, the WVU axes, which are taken to be parallel
to the ZYX axes.

The XYZ stands for the linear motions that
the tools and work piece can move in. the ABC are rotary motions also to be
followed by the work piece or tool depending on the machine type.

The UVW axes on the other hand represent
linear motions which are parallel to the XYZ. What normally happens is that the
tool is rotated about either of the ABC axes (that is ABC axes) and then moves
linearly at that position along either of the XYZ axes.

With the 2 axis machine centers can only
perform processes like turning. Those proses which only require the tool or work
piece to move linearly. These machines are usually the normal standard lathe

The 3 axis machines centers on the other
hand can perform more complex movements compared to the 2 axis machine centers.
The 3 axis machines have a third axis, the Y axis which is perpendicular to the
X, Y axis and it allows for curved motions.

The 4 axis machine centers combine both the
X, Y, Z motions with the C axis motion allowing for profiling cuts to be made.

But when it comes to the game changer-the 5
axis CNC machine center, it combines motions along the X, Y, Z, C and also
motion about either A or B axis. So the machine can either accomplish XYZAC
motions or XYZBC Z motions. This movements make it possible to use this kind of
machine to machine extremely complex shapes.

what benefits are we actually looking at?

The 5 axis CNC machine center means the set
up time will be greatly reduced thus leading to an overall reduction in the
time spent in manufacturing any given component/prototype. This will mean that
customers can continue to enjoy even faster deliveries of their ordered
prototypes from WayKen.

It will also be possible to have any shaped
prototype manufactured. The 5 axis machine can actually machine any complex shape;
it will only require excellent programming by the experienced machinists, which
WayKen boosts of.

With the 5 axis CNC machine center, there
will be quite a reduction in errors, ensuring the modelers to produce more
accurately finished components than before.

Also, with the 5 axis machines the
customers will definitely be expecting better finishes and cheaper completions
of their prototypes.



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