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IT firms can be badly affected by internal security attacks. The employees who are directly involved in operations can pose threat to the organization by passing the important or confidential information to the outsiders. These outsiders may be competitors or any person who wants to harm that IT firm. That outsider or that person may convince the employees that work for that firm to pass the confidential or sensitive data by offering bribes or blackmailing him. This incident has happened for many IT firms and they had to suffer huge loss for it.
Another risk that might come from the employees that is, sometimes employees may forget their phones, iPads, or Laptops which contain highly important data about the IT company, and the thieves or the people who may find or steal them can use these data to create huge loss to the company.
So also, workers who are not prepared in security best practices and have open passwords, visit unapproved sites and additionally tap on joins in suspicious messages or open email connections represent a colossal security danger to their employers’ frameworks and information.

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Last updated: December 12, 2019


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