It new technology, but Moya convinced me

It is my honor to recommend Moya McGuill as a candidate for graduate school at the University of New Mexico. Moya is intelligent, dedicated, and has a great work ethic. I am the owner of my company and Moya has worked for me part-time for seven years as my administrative assistant.

I began to downsize and go into semi-retirement ten years ago.  I greatly underestimated how much I still needed an assistant. After several years of trying to manage my own office, I hired Moya to organize my office and perform basic administrative duties.

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I was computer illiterate and wrote all my proposals and invoices by hand and hand delivered everything to customers and contractors. Moya convinced me my business would run more efficiently and be more profitable if I let her digitize company files. She converted accounts payable and accounts receivable records into Excel and took the initiative to take stock of inventory and materials.

Her knowledge and expertise of computers is a huge asset to my business. I fought learning new technology, but Moya convinced me it was in my best interest to learn a few basics. She effectively communicates information so that a novice like myself can understand and she is a very patient teacher. I can now access and write e-mails when needed. Moya added apps to my phone like google maps so I can locate job sites. These might seem like very basic things to someone who is computer literate, but it has helped me tremendously with my business.

Contractors I work with tell me Moya is well spoken and intelligent. They appreciate her talent for communicating verbally and in writing. She is able to translate and communicate industry jargon in a way that my residential customers can understand. What has always impressed me is Moya’s ability to balance work while attending school full time. The quality of her work never suffers and her duties are always completed in a timely manner. Her time management skills are extraordinary and she effectively manages large workloads.

Beyond her administrative skills, Moya is passionate about the various social justice issues she is studying. I am impressed with her commitment to helping others. It makes me proud to have her as an employee.

 For these reasons, I believe Moya would be a tremendous asset to your program. She is dedicated to her duties as an employee and I witnessed firsthand her dedication to school when she was working on her Bachelor’s degrees. 


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