It their best formals to get into the

It was a very important day at the Henstridge Constructions.

The chairman of Henstridge Group of Companies, Mr Alexander Henstridge  was expected to visit in thirty minutes. Everything had to be perfect, as Mr Henstridge was not fond of flaws. People were scattered in every corner of the 20 floors building dressed in their best formals to get into the good books of their chairman.The building was triangle shaped and painted with green to resemble prosperity. There is a logo of letter H in Italics and Henstridge Constructions were in bold in small letters as subtext. Just before the entrance there were many security checkpoints where every person is supposed to show their ID’s to enter the premises. There is a biometric login gateway inside and every employee logins himself before starting their work. There were numerous CCTV cameras in every floor capturing every corner.

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 As the appointments for interviews of various posts were given today the crowd doubled. They were sitting in the waiting hall after getting their reference ID from the receptionist. All eyes in the waiting hall turned towards a girl who is in her mid twenties standing in front of the receptionist and taking her ID.

She was wearing a blue cotton overalls, a wide black belt around her waist, and faded button down shirt with an eight inch tall rubber boots. Her waist length thick black hair was braided to her left. She looked like a poor, old fashioned, village woman.Taking her reference ID she sat beside a well dressed man who was ready to burst in laughter looking at her style. People around her started whispering and gossiping about her looks. She noticed the same and looked at her own clothes and compared it with others who looked so classy unlike her.

She is in no way looking like a person who has come for job interview and the rags in her clothes are just an addition to look worse.”Ahem….

Ahem..” The man beside her cleared his throat to gain her attention and spoke when she looked at him. ” So, for which job are you applying for?””A cleaner.” She answered in a sharp low voice.”Oh cleaner! Well I am sure that you are going to get your job.

You see we are applying for the posts of manager, assistant, designer etc. and there is no competition for your job.” He said laughing out loud.She understood that he is taunting her about her looks and job but she choosed to ignore it with a polite smile. She turned to her left and gasped looking at her reflection. She looked like she has come from war field with all the mud on her smooth skin. Looking at the huge oval shaped clock placed just above the receptionist desk she knew there is still time for the interview to start and she can in the meantime go and tidy up herself. “Madam, prithee telleth me the route to the washroom?” She asked to a nearby brunette staff and blushed under her gaze.

The brunette was in a daze with her language and just pointed out of the room absent-mindedly. Thanking the staff person she left to the washroom immediately. ——————————————————————————————————————On the other hand the chairman of Henstridge Group of companies Mr Alexander Henstridge arrived in his Ferrari while his bodyguards surrounded him to prevent the people coming close towards him. Alexander was an every girl’s prince charming. He is in his late twenties and looked much younger and stronger than his age.

His hair was midnight black and gelled to keep them in place. His eyes were dark brown and were graced by his eyebrows which sloped downwards in serious expression. He had a slender nose and soft lips which are now drawn into a hard line across his face.

His three peice suit stuck to him like a second skin giving us a chance to see his strong muscles which flexed with every step he took. His mere glance can make a person swoon no matter what their sexual preferences. In short, he is a 6 feet 2 inches Greek God. Employees in the Henstridge Constructions tried to act busy as they knew their boss doesnt like people wasting their time but the people who came to the interview are busy drooling over him and his aura. Of course it is not their mistake as Alexander carried his charm with his every moment. “Mr.

Fisher, where is the Madrid city constructions file?” Alexander asked the manager of Henstridge constructions in his husky voice.”AH it must be in your cabin.” Mr Fisher responded knitting his eyebrows together.Mr Fisher is a man in his late twenties almost equal age to Alexander but looked much older to him due to his wrinkles on forehead and puffy eyes. He is a loyal employee and also a classmate of Alexander in his Masters Degree.

“There is no file here.” Alexander said pointing to his table.”Oh yeah! I just remembered AH, I left it in the basement in hurry. Lemme bring it.

” Mr Fisher said and hurried Off. Alexander is called as AH in abbreviation by the the world. Most of them dont know his name and rest are scared to call him by his name.Just when he was about to stand up there was fire alarm buzzing everywhere making the employees to run in fear. The fire sprinkler discharged water causing the floors to get puddled and people were drenched as well. Before Alexander could grasp the situation the phone rang which was placed on his table.

“AH the file was burned by a girl. What must we do now?” Fisher said in a go and waited with a bated breath.Alexander was shocked with this piece of information. He has been working too much on this project and in a matter of seconds it was now burned to ashes. He concluded 


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