Is importance of protecting wildlife as well as

Isit important to save animals from extinction? Some may ask’ Why bother withconservation? ‘We now realize it is important to maintain the planetsbiodiversity that keep us all healthy and happy.The more species that exist,the more chances we have of deriving future value from then. Think ofendangered species as indicator of bigger problems, and think of the best wayto help most endangered species by rehabilitation and expanding habitats uponwhich they depend. Gordon Kricke is the Ambassador of the Germany. He wrotethis article he tells about the importance of protection of endangered species.I agree on what he said because his details was believable and convincing aboutthe importance of protecting wildlife as well as the protection ofbiodiversity.

Endangered species was almost become extinct. It is that speciesare dying out at alarming rate and their natural habitat is under increasingpressure. The reason why we are currently experiencing the worst extinctionbecause of us the human.              The conference in Manila brought hope for theendangered species. Kricke’s discussed the happenings in ASEAN of an impressivenumber of world leaders. The topic of the conference is “Conservation ofMigratory Species of Wild Animals”, which shows that the decision couldoffer greater protection to millions of migratory animals including sharks,lions and vultures.

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Many representative made a great commitment to show theirpart to conserve the widely extinction of the migratory species. It will serveas encouragement to other to do actions to protect endangered species becauseall will benefit these, as well as the other coming generations.             Healthy ecosystem depend on plant and animalspecies as their foundations. When a species become endangered, it is a signthat the ecosystem is slowly falling apart each species within the ecosystem.Human depend on healthy ecosystem to purify our environment. Protect wildlifehabitat. Perhaps the greatest threat that faces many species is the widestdestruction of habitat. Scientist tell us the best way to protect endangeredspecies is to protect the special places where they live.

Wildlife must haveplaces to find food, shelter and raise their young. The statement of GordonKricke is strong because it is true that our planet is now in the midst of massextinction of plants and animals. He discussed that dozen species of dinosaursare every day loss in past million years ago. It shows that we really need toprotect endangered species s to save the remaining wild animals. Those dayseven more and more animals and plants are becoming extinct. That means theymust be protected in order to maintain the number of animals or plant which arethreatened by extinction.

The Department of Natural Resources or (DENR) whichoversees several conservation progress do their effort to prevent theextinction of the number of endangered species. Gordon said that Philippines isthe one who recognized as migratory species champions for the long termsupport  to initiative that benefitmigratory species conservation. According to my recent research “The EndangeredSpecies Act” was signed on the year 1973. It was been in force for morethan 40 years. The Act aspires to prevent extinction recover imperiled plantsand animals, and protect the ecosystem on which they depend.Endangeredspecies are those animals, birds and fish that are in immediate danger ofbecoming extinct. The main reasons for this danger are the loss of naturalhabitat, environmental pollution and the introduction of other species. Nearlyone-third of the amphibians, about half the turtles, one out of every eightbirds and one out of every four mammals are faced with extinction.

In 1973 theUnited States Congress passed the Endangered Species Act, in an effort toprotect those animals, fish and plants that were in danger of becoming extinct.There are many national organizations that are involved in protectingendangered species. If you get involved and support these organizations youwill be helping to protect endangered species. Here are some ways you can helpprotect endangered species.Today, there are a number of plant and animalspecies that have been pushed onto the endangered species list. Biodiversity isunder enormous threat, and the extinction of many species is happening at analarming rate. The problem seems insurmountable and many people feeloverwhelmed. You may feel that there is nothing you can do to help thesituation, and so you do nothing.

There are a number of ways that every personcan help to save endangered species. If everyone plays his or her part, theimpact will be felt. Small actions practiced every day by everybody add up.Empower and educate yourself to become part of the solution.The following seven thingscan be implemented immediately:Learn about the natural environment andendangered species The first action one can take is to learnabout the natural environment. By learning about the wonder of nature and itsdelicate ecosystems, you can begin to understand the value of the system anddevelop a personal interest in protecting it.

Many people feel removed fromnature. Most have become urban or city dwellers, with little connection to thenatural environment. Teach your children about nature. If you live in a city,spend time in open spaces.

Look for volunteer opportunities with organizationsthat are committed to defending endangered species.Make your home wild friendly   There are many ways you can make your homewildlife friendly; way easily accessible you will create a situation wherewildlife, domestic pets and people come into conflict. Feed your pets indoors,and lock them in the house at night. This will keep both your pets and wildlifesafePlant an indigenous garden   There are many advantages to an indigenousgarden. Firstly indigenous plants use less water than exotic plants. This isgood for the surrounding plant and wildlife. Indigenous plants attract localbirds and insects to your garden.

Remove invasive species from your garden andsurroundings. Invasive species threaten local species and can lead to theirextinction.Protect Wildlife Habitats Supporthabitats in your area. Pay attention to proposals fordevelopment in your neighborhood. Be a responsible and active citizen and lendyour support to organizations that are protecting open spaces and naturalhabitats. Once these areas are gone, they could also be retrieved. There arethings that every individual can do to make a difference to endangered species.

The actions of few individuals have the potential to start a snowball effect.Never believe that what you do does not matter.We should learn ourlesson we need to protect them because we are the one who will suffer if wecontinue destroying the habitats of the animals.

Its not too late we have a bigresponsibility in our environment. We should treat them as our family.  They has a great contribution here in ourecosystem. If we save the endangered species we are saving also our life andthe other generation as well


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