Is from morality by uniting human beings

Is the creation of the creature a crime? From the beginning of life, humans were asking for the purpose behind the creation of the human beings, they discussed for a long time without finding the answer but after the appearance of the religious books appeared.

Almost for all the religious books there is so many answers for this code one of them is worship to the GOD as a method of human education in different dimensions, another one is testing your work in the ground world after giving each person a tremendous brain that organizes there live perfectly. So the creation must have the reason behind it and should have rules that no one can make a change on it, what Frankenstein did is that he followed his passion and his desires without considering the possible consequences, although he wanted to help the humanity from the death that does not make him overcome the rules of the GOD and be away from morality by uniting human beings body parts.Ignoring the creature after hi create him to consider a crime because he didn’t take the responsibility to take care, support, guide, teach him or even to treat him as a human. The monster’s rejection of humanity and his creator compel him to seek revenge So Frankenstein is the reason behind the revenge of the monster toward his family members and his friend and Elisabeth.Frankenstein was a curious, and ambitious young man, fascinated by science, and after the punishment from the GOD he changed to a disheartened, remorseful man burdened with his scientific endeavour gone awry.

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Frankenstein is responsible for the murders that the creature commits because he creates the monster out of an arrogant the pursuit of glory, he rejects the creature as soon as he creates it without taking care of him, and because he never attempts to stop the creature or take responsibility. Victor Frankenstein attempts to accomplish something that no the man has done before him: create life using his own knowledge and scientific abilities. He discovers a way to, in a sense, play God by creating his own form of life.

However, his selfish scientific goals in the reality shows how human being in deferent aspects of theories philosophical, political, etc… is a selfish and controlling other people by making or explore a unique study or anything can be used to be the leader or the controller of the world or in a specific place this thing ultimately destroyed Frankenstein and his loved ones. Victor’s own choices create the war he finds himself struggling with throughout the novel.Another question still remind and it is what if his creation was acceptable in life.That’s could lead Victor to be in the place of the GOD without thinking far away from the reality and abandon the idea or the philosophical of the invisible GOD and all the rules the world will change which includes spirit theories, morality, religion and will turn the formula that’s the human being rules will be used instead the rules of the GOD and without out paying attention to the morality or humanity which the old theories searched and developed it until now.

So the crime is countable for Frankenstein as he the leader or the responsible man for those crimes that happened in the novel.References:1- Symbolism behind Victor Frankenstein’s crime against nature. Anything answers from anyone thanks!https://www.enotes.com2- The Creation Of Frankenstein’s Problems And Crimes English Literature Essayhttps://www.ukessays.com3-ALDERWANEA showing and analyzing book in the dissection of the theories of human’s development in biology, by Yahee Muhammad


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