Is she had no option. Everyday she fought

  Is it too late to go home? thought Rachel. Butwhy do I feel so lost and have forgotten my own bloods.

It was Rachel’s firsttrip with her parents to visit her home country, Malawi. Due to Visaapplication circumstances and financial limitations her parents where restrictedto enter in their country of birth. About 8 years later, her parents finallyorganized the trip on their way back home.

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She was all flattered and can’t waitanymore to see her family.Miami, the port city of south Florida is whereshe was born and entered school with her best friends.  There she realized that she had a littleuniverse and lived independently from other people. Chicken and Beef was what herfriends ate and her mother strongly recommended to be a vegetarian.

Daily riceand vegetables made her non-American. They all laughed at her back but she hadno option. Everyday she fought with her mother about the unwanted food in thetiffin and in return she deserves is her dislikes. Furthermore, Rachel did notspeak her mother tongue at home and always unwilling to join Malawian cultureand festivals. Everybody at home ignored and left her alone; hence, she did notlike this behaviour towards her faith in being one family.

Rachel wascontinuously embarrassed as her parents spoke English in such a different way. Yearspassed and still no fluency in English for her father. She was all depressedabout how things were going in her life.”Why don’t you wear jeans and t-shirts?” hadasked her mother on one fine morning.

“Joey’s mother wears jeans, walks withhigh heels on and also have fashionable hair cut. Don’t you like to betrendy!”  Rachel’s mother always wore”chitenjes” which are large pieces of coloured fabric and sarong like wrap onthe back to hold small baby. Her mother kindly said that, it is very hard tochange and fit into an environment which is against my religion. To be likesomeone and follow a different culture is very problematic, as such mychildhood friends would stop talking to me due to change of culture.

However, weare Malawians, raised in a certain way and it’s really tough to give up. Youare raised in American life style that’s why you are different from us. Becausewe live here, that does not mean we have to become Americans. Rachel felt verybad when her parents attended Parents-Teachers meetings as such, they stood outand unlikely like other parents who were knowledgeable. She was humiliated ofher feelings about her parents.Finally, a day of happiness arrives.

Herparents landed in Miami to see their beautiful daughter after years. Sheexpected lot to be changed and improved in her parents. Few days later, Racheltalks about her future husband Richard. He is Christian and was born in Detroit,Michigan. Followed all the requirements of being a Christian and goes to churchevery day. Rachel’s parents denied the marriage as he was not Malawian andbelieved in different religion.

She was in tears and fought against her parentsbut they said no means no. She realized that they have not changed at all andhad to face depression again. She left the house in anger and said that, I willbe Richard’s fiancé as soon as possible! Her parents got frustrated and decidedto leave Florida at any point. Everything was messed up and had no idea on howto bring things in right place.

Her parents arrived in Malawi and on other handRachel happily got married with Richard in Florida. Ultimately, she got someoneto understand her feelings, her intentions and he lives the way she alwayswanted to be. In contradiction, Rachel’s parents were sad and unhappy, thoughtthat we gave birth to a daughter who cannot listen to their parents. After fewmonths, Rachel and his husband faced worst situations, there were many troublesand fights going on in their married life. Finally they took bitter decisionand decided to get divorce.

Rachel went through depression and decided tosuicide and get rid of this world in which there was no one supporting orunderstanding her feelings. She realised that her parents are living in Malawi stillwaiting to see her again. She thought that her parents brought her up with somany difficulties to see her happily living her life and achieving all herdreams.

She felt motivated and decided to go Malawi and apologize for hermistakes and disrespecting them. Here comes and the perfect happy ending of movie,when she saw them after 1 year, tears went through her eyes, hugged them andcried a lot explaining everything which happened to her. Finally her parentsaccepted her, she told her parents that she loves them the way they are andwould forever be happy with them.

As per my point of view, this type of movieshould be brought to audience to spread out the message of explaining importanceof religion, cultures and traditions, our ethics and value. Some things inworld feel attracted to us but we should not forget our religious values andrun behind that thing. Most significant issue to brought to people isrespecting our parents, never prove them wrong or disrespect or insult them,they are never wrong and whatever advice they give is for betterment of theirchildren. Rachel went through most depressing period of her life when there wasno one with her , nor her husband or parents, she could have done suicide also.At last, she realised importance of her parents and knew that only parents arethe one standing with us whether we are wrong or not.

Never disregard theirlove and care for us. There are few ups and downs in the film but overall ithas happy ending. I would choose one of my friend to direct my film, he hascompleted his studies in mass media and films. He has even written scripts of2-3 movies and I love his writings.

I think he is perfect for directing. Iwould like to choose my sister to play the role of Rachel in movie as she lovesacting and has done few plays and drama.      


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