Introductions: one of the main difficult situations and

Introductions:The issue of overcrowding train during peak hours has been recently highly concerned in Malaysia. As there are many urban areas in Malaysia, it indicates public transportation is highly needed and causes traffic congestion at the same time. According to Abdul Hadi Amran, Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd Monorail chief operating officer suggested to launch 12 units four-car monorail trains in order to convenient public (Wong, 2015).3 Causes Of Overcrowding Trains During Peak Hours In Malaysia:i. PunctualityThe reliability of services is measure according to the punctuality of train arrival and departure time (Zaherawati et al. 2010).

Nowadays, being not punctuality in KTM Commuter services is one of the main difficult situations and it will cause employees’ late arrival to company. Most of the companies in Malaysia think that punctuality of employees should be considered as important for the accomplishing organizational goal; therefore, the employees who involve in delays of train will be perceived as bad employees with bad attitude. ii. Increasing of carBased on a study by World Bank 2015, it revealed most citizens in Malaysia have their own car (“Land Public Transport Transformation in Malaysia – History, Aspirations and Challenges”, n.d.). The incresing of car users cause the traffic jam happens all the time. To avoid this situation, it forces the citizens to take a train to reach their destinations.

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In brief , the increasing number of citizens who take a train arises overcrowding issue. iii. Car parking expensiveIn accordance with The Star, parking rates were increased in Kuala Lumpur (Tara Thiagarajan, 2017).

The citizen force to take the public transport such as train because don’t willing to pay for the high costs car parking fees. For those who is willing to take the public transport rather than pay for the high rates of parking fees, this is one of the way to save their daily costs especially who have a burden expenses for family.3 Suggestions Of Solutions Of Overcrowding Trains During Peak Hours In Malaysia:i. Upgrading KTM commuter serviceUpgrading the train track and rescheduling the KTM commuter service are the suggested ways to solve the problem above. If develop new train tracks, the frequency of trains also can be increased, it will reduce the percentage of overcrowding during peak hours.

Thus, the schedule of the trains need to be rearranged to become shorter time for each train working time and follows by another trains.ii. Carpool or looking for other alternative transportCarpooling is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel as sharing journeys to reduce traffic congestion on the roads. Carpooling is more comfortable other than overcrowding at the train stations. Besides that, travel by grab cars with colleagues or friends is also one of the ways to reduce the car users. Travelers are also suggested to choose for another alternative transport such as bus, airbus, taxi or van. iii.

Reduce parking feesParking fees is always a burden for a traveler especially the employees. If the parking fees reduced, traveler will more prefer to travel by car rather than crowded at the train station. This is the way to encourage traveler travelling using their own car but not public transport because the fees can be assumed. Conclusion:To have more environmental friendly option and encourage local growth, city man are encourage to use more public transport system (Yong, 2016). Nowadays, people are encouraging to use public transport.

They want to reduce air pollution and save petrol. In fact, the punctuality problem, increasing of car and higher rate of parking fees already caused the overcrowding problem. Thus, upgrading KTM commuter service, carpooling and reduce parking fees are suggested to run out.


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