Introduction response to crime and deviance is

Introduction to SociologyMelonie MitchellBrookline College Phoenix CampusHomework Week 7June 15, 2018Functionalist thinks deviance and crime provide a number of societal benefits, because deviance and crime are a normal part of society.

Crime is defined as behavior that breaks the laws and is punishable by the legal system. Deviance can be considered banned or controlled behavior that is likely to attract either a punishment, disapproval or both.I agree with the functionalist perspective. Crime is an inevitable aspect of social life.

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It is inevitable because, not everyone in society is equally committed to the same shared values and beliefs. Crime is present in all types of society. Social change begins with some form of deviance. If there is little or no sentiment, crime and deviance will be on the rise. Crime strengthens social cohesion. Public response to crime and deviance is what reinforce social solidarity and integrates society.

Crime and deviance act as social dynamics which allows for social changes to occur, and for social boundaries to be tested, ensuring that a society, its norms and values and its laws stay in line with social consensus. An example of a deviant behavior is public nudity or prostitution. Neither of these behavior pose any harm, but they can be punishable by law. Another example is rape and homicide, both are considered a crime and is punishable by law.


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