INTRODUCTION: students may choose a specialization based

INTRODUCTION:             ALL people always have to make decision forthem to know what are they needed priorities. The students, especially thegrade 10 should make their decision in choosing which track is appropriate forthem in Grade 11. A career choice is important because it determines yoursuccess in the next stages of your life. One of the tasks of high schoolstudents is to explore and plan for their postsecondary career options.  So, they MUST choose the right track for themaccording to their planned career or according to their wanted course in thefuture. Senior High school is two years of specializing upper secondaryeducation, students may choose a specialization based on aptitude, interests,and school capacity. Each student in Senior high school can choose among threetracks.              HighSchool students are at the exploration stage  of career development.

Manyfactors affect choices of high school students. Identifying these factors wouldgive parents, educators, and industry an idea as to where students place mostof their trust in career selection process. So, BEFORE choosing a track insenior high school, you should know what strand is the right for your capacity.Do not depend on your “barkada” on choosing your strand. Because your barkadacannot hold and motivate your future, it is just you and with the help of God. GENERAL OBJECTIVE:                                     Generally,our general objective is about the INFLUENCED OF BARKADA IN CHOOOSING WHAT TOENROLL IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. We need to be WISE in choosing what to enroll sothat, we won’t regret.

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 RESEARCH QUESTIONS:1.    What are the different strands to choose in Senior HighSchool?2.    What is the participation of “Barkada” in choosing whatto enroll in Senior High School?3.    How great is the influenced of “Barkada” in choosing whatto enroll in Senior High school?  


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