Introduction and certified as a professional person

Introduction”The state shall provide special protection to children from all forms of abuse, neglect, cruelty, exploitation and discrimination and other conditions prejudicial to their development including child labor and its worst forms; provide sanctions for their commission and carry out a program for prevention and deterrence of, and crisis intervention in situations of child abuse, exploitation and discrimination” ( Robles, 1992)Every individual had its own right, decisions, perspectives and massive goals in life. Individual also had its right in life to be happy/enjoy, chose what he/she wants and have a right experience entering at school. People had various dreams and fantastic fancies in life maybe desiring to become successful, fame, well-known and certified as a professional person someday. On the other hand, we can’t deny also that human being defined as highest organisms (science) and free to exploration and express our various decisions whatever happened. It is inevitable that the success, protection, care, guidance and tenderness love begun to the family. Wherein the member of the family helps the children and bestows fully support and guidance with them.

It is important also that the family serves as the foundation, solution, approachable and cheerer in different activities that their sons’ and daughters’ involved in. and most especially, Parents must be a reason why their siblings entering a school.Children, adolescents and teenagers are mostly those people who need an escort, support, love and guidance came from the parents. Wherein they are require also attending at school every day. Other than that, we can say also that they are mostly easily affect and involved in different temptations in our society especially without any guidance from the older and most especially from the parents. Such as; expose in social media, belong to the public issues and involved in child labor the rampant issue in our country.

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In our country, child labor is one of the rampant issues that require appropriate concerns and solutions. That’s why, we conduct a research about the “effect of child labor to the academic performance of student, wherein we desiring and conclude that child labor can be the reasons why the academic performance of a student was affected. On the other hand, Poverty is the primary cause of child labor. In which Poverty hinders the child from ever knowing the aforementioned things and forces, sometimes it against their own will or without the consent of a parent.

Other than that, growing on the poor family and have a greater number of children also are the reasons why children work, to ensure the survival of the whole family. Nevertheless, Instead of a healthy environment, formal education and most importantly serves as a loving family, now they are experienced labor on farming fields, living in mining shafts, peddling in the busy and dangerous street of the country. Child labor defined as illegally employing children below the age of 18 in dangerous and life threatening jobs. Child labor is prevalent in rock quarries, farms, industries, mines and fishing (deshpande, 2008).

Other than that, 3.6 million of young children ages 5 to 17 years old are suffering the child labor issues based on the survey of International Labor Organization (ILO).Meanwhile, in our point of view about this research, children must be at their home and school. Wherein, all they have to do is to live solace, enjoy their lives as a jovial child and also serve as a loving family.

On the other hand, mostly student from primary to secondary nowadays was involved in this kind of issues, whereas every Saturday, holidays and after school they are working at the field and farms. That sometimes one of the reason also student can’t focused on their school activities because of lack of time for studies and divide their time in different work at the field and farms. As a researchers, we can say that mostly student nowadays was involved in this kind of issues, especially at student of NNNHS San Nicolas –ANNEX in which some of the reasons and causes of that are; poverty, financial problem, broken family, lack of guidance from their parents/elders, educational status (failing grades), unemployment, school characteristics, family characteristic, individual characteristic, attendance and population. Where really affect the status of the academic performances of students.

Background of the studyIn this study, we as the fresh researchers gathered genuine, applicable and reliable information’s about the child labor and its effect to the academic performance of the students. Wherein in this study we explained and determined the effects and reasons why some of the students of New Nongnongan National High School, San Nicolas – Annex undergo/ expose in this kind of issue. And most importantly, the researchers also absolutely hide the identity of the respondents so that the researchers couldn’t hurt the right and perspective of the respondents. On the other hand, in this study the researchers also discussed the different effects of child labor, such as; absenteeism, lack of time for studies, psychological, physical, social and behind all the lessons from the class. And the reasons of the respondents as well as why they involved and experienced in this kind of issue, the child labor. For example; family problems, unemployment, lack of guidance from the parents and financial status.

In which, we as the researchers really examined, plan and analyze before we write and got it from our respective respondents. At the same time, the researchers really consult those reliable sources if it is applicable/ suitable for our study. Because we as a researchers also desiring to avoid plagiarism.

At this point, we as researchers also appeal to the different reliable website that was helpful for our study, to support and render an appropriate explanation. So that this study will successfully ended and render also benefits as well as; knowledge, ideas, wisdom and reliable information for those students involved and uninvolved of child labor.Meanwhile, the researchers chose this study for the valid reason of; the child labor was rampant in the country of Philippines, because approximately 4 million of child labor workers in the country and out of this 4 million, 2.

4 million children workers also are engaged in hazardous work that expose them to chemical, physical and biological hazards (ILO). Other than that valid reason also is, the reason why mostly students behind their respective lessons and lack of time for studying their lessons. Because some their time were divided into several ways.

So we as the fresh researcher desire that this research will successfully deliver and put all the reliable, accurate and applicable ideas and information about the effects of child labor to the academic performance of students. In a reason of, this study is helpful for those students who involved and uninvolved in child labor issue.ObjectivesAs fresh researchers, we desire that this study will render appropriate explanations and reliable information’s about the effects of child labor to the academic performance of student. So for that, the researchers aim to:Determine and explain the effects of child labor to the academic performance of the students.

Identify the reasons/causes why mostly students undergo child labor.Render appropriate and reliable information regarding the effects of child labor to the academic performance of students.Significance of the studyWe as the fresh researchers, we store all the genuine, applicable, and reliable information’s and correct details about our research entitled THE EFFECT OF CHILD LABOR TO THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENT. Wherein it is really important also to conduct this research for the big reason of; to catch up and gather some important and decorous details, knowledge and information related to child labor and its effect to the academic performance of students.Other than that, we as researchers desiring also that we can share and render some advise and most importantly appropriate solutions also.

Especially on those students at New Nongnongan National High School, San Nicolas –ANNEX who involved and exposed in child labor. Not that, but also for those uninvolved and innocent students. So that they shall aware, evade and informed about the effects of child labor as well as to the academic performance of students. Definition of termsChild labor-Children-Academic-Performance-Poverty-Unemployment-Financial problem-Educational status-Broken family-Population-Lack of time-Employment-Hazardous works-Students-School characteristics-Family characteristics-Individual characteristics-


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