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The modern society is rapidly appreciating the women. Their status and stature has greatly increased in the last century as the world continues to empower women. In Canada, this tip in the scale received a boost from the emergence of the world war (Mark, 2007). Previously homebound women stepped out into the world and take up higher social, political and economics roles in the society as the men were out in the battlefields. Life had been previously primarily rural and women were subjected to homestead chores like spinning yam, sewing clothes, managing gardens and preserving vegetables. Women took on the urban hustle and bustle storming industrial and office jobs.
Women now no longer bound to their homes took up the emerging corporate jobs in towns and became typists, filing clerks stenographers and secretaries. Some took to arts and literature like Dorothy Parker and Martha Graham, while others became sportswomen while some became high profile journalists (Gail, 73). The medical profession especially nursing was quite popular with the 1920s women. Working together with the men meant improved living standards for their families due to higher collective income in the household. Families were now no longer tied to depending mainly on farming but diversified income. Even divorced and widowed women could now afford a stable income and cater for the needs of their families. Gail, (103) highlights that the percentage of working women increased by 25 percent in 1920.The upturn of women in urban areas however also meant that the traditional economic posts that women held in the society collapsed .These majorly affected the traditional textile industry of cotton spinning and fur bidding mainly done by women. Some women had also abandoned their families in the rural areas as they searched for a better life for themselves leaving the rest in desperation. Some in town did not necessarily get the blue and white collar jobs and resulted to swindling and prostitution for income. Salaries for women in white and blue collar jobs still did not reach the men’s mark and many women especially the unmarried who had not ever had homes in urban areas led poor lives. A class of economically independent and accomplished women did emerge in the post-world war one era ,like the athlete Lela brooks (Mark,2007).They became heroines after battling slim odds but not all were role models as some became crooks.
Political liberation for the 1920s woman in Canada commenced with a religious dimension. These organizations initially catered for women’s social needs of women in the society like midwife services and child care .During and after the world war one these movements took a more political dimension as the world was in political tension and chaos. The intermediate stage for these political originations was labor grievances like the National Council of Women of Canada .they ensured women got into the so called “women” professions like nursing .they then solely began fighting for women suffrage as they evolved. They also fought for the education of the girl child .after the world war one women were almost fully in political revolution of the 1920s and in the early 1920s women’s international league for peace and freedom was formed to fight for peace after the world war. Women also began taking up of senior government posts like in the jury and in mainline politics like Agnes Macphail a delegate, sent to Geneva to represent Canada for the League of Nations. Political independence for the women meant a struggle and most of them came across gender laws and sanction, (Mark, 2007).these women had to endure these hardships solely and have become heroines for what they championed for in modern Canada.
Then came the 1920s flappers, a class of socially liberated women who smoked in public, identified themselves as sexually liberated and were into the new trends of the night life. This group almost tainted the social endeavors and achievements of the 1920s woman (Joshua, 1991).They seemed to endorse and engage in everything negative like drug abuse and prostitution and were mostly shunned by the society. Very new sexual trends ,most notably lesbianism, were also associated with the flappers. They were notorious and induced rebellion among teenage girl seeking self-assertion and independence they starred in fashion and films and brought about new trend like wearing of shorter dresses and their bobbed hairstyles. According to Joshua, (1991) a working class of women also emerged. Many women worked as secretaries and were known for being tidily dressed in suits. This brought a culture of hardworking and learned women as women were keen for social recognition with financial independence. As women started to earn and accumulate their own wealth ,a group of rich and influential spinsters emerged. There was a general feeling among this group that they did not need to get married as they were financially stable. Divorce laws pertaining women like the Federal Divorce Law enacted after 1920 broke a lot of families as women could now get a divorce from a man on t basis of adultery which did not previously exist. While most social evolution of women had a certain negative blow to the community some women like Guide Leader Christina Riepsamen had a profound inspirational effect despite their lowly roles. She once baked cookies for the Girl Guide movement in 1927 to help them raise funds. These have had a lasting impact as cookies are a symbol for the Girl Guide movement worldwide.
Women in Canada have shaped the present day Canada as much as the men have. Their achievements deserve recognition and acceptance. The women have evolved from their primitive roles as nurturers in a homestead to conquerors who now nature entire nations and generations. Women are still viewed as the caregivers in the society and therefore moral decadence from the women might be a red flag to a failing society (Jane, 2015). Women also deserve chances in the male dominated platforms of the society because from history they have proved to be effective and very capable of taking on the mantle of leadership like when the men were out for battle in the first world war.it is also evident that women cannot afford to be left out in the daily activities in the societies as they are too part of the society.

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