Introduction Opinions on this issue are divided

IntroductionThe evolution of women in the workforce is often overlooked when studying the progression of society. Since the past, women have gone through a series of struggles and battles to prove their capability of being an active part of the labour force. Before World War two, the role of women in society was different. Women were expected to stay home to take care of their children and perform household chores, while the men were the bread earners. However, post-war this ideology began to shift as women started to enter the workforce.

This led to a sense of freedom for these women. There has been a lot of controversy about the hiring of more women in companies. Opinions on this issue are divided into two groups. A group suggest to avoid hiring more women in companies, and another group supports the idea of hiring more women.

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In this presentation, I will present the pros and cons of hiring more women in the company.Strong team spirit and feeling of togethernessWomen value relationships and analyse problem better. If these mind-blowing characteristics of them are brought into workplace it can result in great team building or group effort that will work for the benefit of the organization. Women use their relationship building and communication skill to manage a team efficiently. She can make every employee of her team feel that their effort and contribution have been valued. No man will lend an ear to listen to others personal problems while women have the patience to hear out and understand your emotions.

The compassion she shows with her staff helps to boost their levels of productivity. Women don’t usually have a command-and-control approach like men, allowing the employees feel good and an important part of the team. Woman can also use this skill to get information and understand others point of view.ProfitsSecondly, there’s no denying the significant impacts that women can make upon organizations, and many studies prove that point. An example is a recent research conducted by The Peterson Institute for International Economics. Its survey of 21,980 publicly traded companies in 91 countries found that having more female leaders in high levels of corporate management correlates with increased profitability.

From its analyses, the institution believes that having more females in high-level corporate roles leads to increased skill diversity within top management, enhanced monitoring of performance, and less gender discrimination throughout all levels of management.Women also have a deeper ability to think creatively. They analyse things more deeply. They’re organized, and for the most part, they can establish collaboration within teams easier than men.

Who does more of the social connecting? The feminine touch and soft skills that would be attracted more customers. Their emotional intelligence, passion and helpful nature help to create strong relationships with customers. Hence, the profits’ company will rise.DiversityWhat does gender diversity mean? Gender diversity means the proportion of males to females in the workplace.

The higher of the proportion of females to males, the more benefits the company has. This can have effects on how people interact and behave with one another in the workplace and would contribute to the work environment.What is the importance of gender diversity in the workplace? When women are at the table, the competition is higher, company is more innovative and creative and the organisation is stronger.Studies suggest that companies with a high proportion of women had better performance than companies with fewer women.Gender diversity makes your company stronger.

We know that women and men are very different with ideas, with nature, with experience. By bringing together different points of view, different personalities and life experience, you build a better company.Company with greater gender diversity was shown to have greater innovation and creativity. Because of women and men have a different background, different ideas and work experience.

All these together motivate creative and innovate.Gender diversity makes the competition is higher. It motivates each gender to prove themselves to the company.

Each one tries to provide the best work, the best idea, the biggest effort. Strong competition between genders in the workplace has positive impacts on the company.HarassmentThere are a variety of types of harassment which can occur in the workplace. Harassment defines as unwelcome verbal or physical behaviour that is based on race, colour, religion, sex gender, nationality, physical or mental disability or genetic information.

Workplace harassment is unlawful and is also a form of dangerous upon the company. Here, I will discuss sexual harassment because it is the most common type in the workplace. Sexual harassment is the most dangerous issue that women are facing in work. Many surveys have been conducted about harassment issue around the world. According to these surveys, the USA ranked second highest among countries surveyed where 37% of women reported being harassed in the workplace. Yet not many speak out about it.

Most countries, 61% of women said they never report harassed on the job. The numbers are different in India, where 53% of working women said they would likely speak out and report harassment.Most women are likely to be harassed by the manager or who are in a higher position than women. Here are two main reasons why women do not report being harassed. First, the woman might be fired from work. Second, it might be deducted from her salary.

In these cases, women are forced to remain silent.The effects of harassment are catastrophic for the company. The efficiency of women will decline and therefore the profits will decrease. Harassment would freeze the relations in the company between workers. And create fear rather than respect that would lead to disruptions in the workplace. Therefore, reduce the performance and productivity of the whole company.

Family problemsMany factors impact a person’s ability in their career. Especially if that person is a woman. One of the biggest factors is the work-life balance. When the woman doesn’t achieve the balance between family and work that lead to family problems. Most working women face difficulty in combining between work and family duties.

She leaves the home early in the morning leaving behind many responsibilities such as: cleaning home, preparing the food and raising her children. And returns after 7 hours at least. She needs to take a rest. It is very difficult to do all these responsibilities after a long time of work.

When the husband comes to home and sees the home untidy, filthy and everything upside down. It will lead to conflict between the couple. For this reason, the relationship between woman and family will gradually fade away. In many cases, the couple has been divorced. As a result, the woman can’t focus in her work.

Hence, the performance of the company will decrease.ConclusionWomen are receiving higher education, in numbers that are even surpassing that of men. While women are still making progress, they are met with several large barriers that significantly impact that progress. Companies need to address the problems that I mentioned because of these problems are most notably in companies. Attracting and retaining top female talent can bring to companies many benefits.

Eliminating barriers to women’s advancement in the workplace through talent development, mentorship programs; arrangements that respect working mothers’ scheduling needs; and a wide range of family-friendly benefits will help companies to achieve desirable goals.


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