Introduction reflection. The Gibbs reflection model will be

Introduction The aim of this essay is to critically reflect on an incident that occurred within a clinical setting. In this essay the writer will explore the logical thought of the nature and the status of reflection. The Gibbs reflection model will be used to provide and explore the framework for the reflective exercise according to (Husebø et al. 2015).

The structure of this essay renders a proper explanation of the complex situation, personal reflections on the problem, an evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and an action plan. The essay will vividly define words such as? and explore critically discussing the handover that was witnessed in a clinical setting. A conclusion will sum up the discussion. Description The incident happened during morning handover as it is called a nursing experience.

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However, the elements of nursing practice make handover critical and serious (Eggins et al. 2016). Therefore, if handover is not accurately done or missed, patients’ lives can be in danger (Spooner et al. 2013).

Therefore, procedures, routine and reason are vital. In this case, a complex situation ascended where handover was a complete disaster and not finished accurately. On this, the acute ward, same service users who had been admitted for months and they had conditions which needed attention. The night shift nurse handing over was in a rush to leave the ward to avoid traffic on the roads. Instead of handing over as usual, she decided to save time to her own advantage stating that:” …nothing has changed since yesterday and you guys know every patient on this ward,” she said. She was very casual in her handover.

She did not discuss each patient’s individuality, but just gave a general statement. Therefore, she left. Nothing was handed over around patients’ mood, medication, general behaviours, presentation and how they slept during the night. The writer carried on with the usual stuff and as the shift progressed the writer had a word with the mentor about the handover. The verbal engagement was about the ways that could have taken place which were discussed between the mentor and the writer. Feelings This incident knocked down the writer’s confidence and made him to fell that must be followed strictly.

Hence, the writer is taught to follow rules and regulation and how to adhered to them effectively (Kumaran and Carney 2014). According to (Griffith 2016) nevertheless, when a qualified nurse fails to adhere to the procedures; it surely makes the writer feel uncomfortable and surprised. The feelings of self-doubt changed to being left with patients without a proper handover. In contrast, “all still the same” from previous day, this felt like was the only information we had about the patients and that was enough for the whole shift to consider. Moreover, some of the patients have complex cases that involved controlled drugs and lot of risks happen if sudden changes took place (Lee et al. 2016).

Furthermore, three patients were diabetic that increased their care. The writer and the rest of the staff were in a vulnerable state because not much information was shared. The writer spoke to the mentor and felt a relief. NMC 2018. A feeling of having learned a useful information was at hand. It was clear that pretending as if the handover was a major successful was not appropriate at that time.

Evaluation Lessons learned from this writer were that the nurse has to be on guard for surprises. The handover, in some places called clinical handover is considered a high-risk activity. However, it also has a potential for discontinuity of care and omission of vital information that might be useful for wellbeing or cause harm if not carried out effectively, according to (Toakley and Green 2016). This was incident was positive and a negative to the writer’s experience. The negativity of this incident was the writer losing confidence in a colleague; also seeing that rules and regulation taught as being effective are not always followed at some point.

According to (Inoue et al. 2017) The factor analysis revealed this as almost normal. Looking at it the other way, positivity; given an opportunity to learn from new experience and meet fresh challenges. However, the fact is that not all nurses follow rules and regulation precisely (Peate 2016).

The mentor told the writer that there are ways to be taken when such incident occurs: the writer could pretend as if everything is ok and continue the shift without saying a word. Alternatively, the writer could have stopped the night nurse and challenged her/him to render more information. This could have been alarmed to the person with authority. The writer would have been wholly supported. By learning this it showed an effective experience.

Analysis The writer learned that repeating procedures precisely is very important. Also, this situation involved emotions and physical responses caused by the observations during the progression of the shift. However, this can have serious health complications for service-users. There’s a lot of information to gather and learn from as a health care professional. The writer has had a learning experience from this and to also gather as much information from books and from his mentor. Ref?ConclusionFor the writer to seek meeting with the mentor more frequently highlighted the importance of communication in this clinical field in general.

The writer showed confidence, courage and caring by talking and asking for advice. However, this shows more the importance of learning from other people’s experiences. The situation could have caused serious consequences and complex matter that could have been uncontrollable. Seeking help immediately would have been more appropriate. Action Plan In this situation, uttering that: “do not rush, repeat the handover please,” could have completely reduced the risks to service-users. Therefore, confronting and having confidence to tell work colleagues that you do not have valid or enough information does help.

Hence, if the writer comes across this complex situation, this would definitely boost his confidence to act and outline the problem to colleagues in the hope of clinically handing over accurately. In case this fails, the writer would have to take this further. Therefore, making this complex situation known by the manager would give more nursing associates the will to be able to fill supported and working safely towards their goals.


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