INTRODUCTION providing examples of their use in a

INTRODUCTIONThe aim of this assignment is to critically consider the strength based model providing examples of their use in a disability service of my choice.

The strength base procedure is a social work practice theory that focuses on peoples self determination and strengths. The client is involved in his/her care plan. A motivational interviewing is done to find out what the client wants.

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The clients have more knowledge than they think. The goal will be the needs, wants and aspiration of the client. This is an alternative to the pathology-orientated approach in helping clients, instead of focusing on client’s problems and deficits the strength perspective centres on clients abilities talents and resources.Strength base approaches pays attention to the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups, and organisations.

ASSESSMENTS.The primary aim of this assessment is on what the client is doing right in relation to goals and visions. (Early and Gleymaye, 2000).

Assessment identifies personal strength and natural abilities to help acquire resources in the community that will help to complete their goal to recover fully. This examines different aspects of a person’s life, such as daily living, financial, social, spiritual and recreational themes. It helps to identify and clarify the present, the past with regards to this different aspects and to create a vision for the future. PLANNINGThe assessment will help to identify specific goals. A Personal Plan is drawn with the client which enables huge goals to be broken into small achievable steps, responsibilities is then shared between the client and the support worker. The support worker should seek to know the patient’s goals and aspirations before they hear evidence of his or her past problems, mistakes, or weakness.


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