Introduction in the healthcare system to replace

IntroductionThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) since its presentation has been a subject to deliberation across political platforms countrywide and the rest of the world after it was passed to be a law. The proponents entailed in the Act have raised argument nationally, predominantly because the ACA’s provisions ceases to apply to the rich individuals because of higher costs of healthcare. All the same, the ACA presents more advantages than demerits thus it is predicted to take part in the U.S healthcare expansion course since it caters for a number of people to access the healthcare services and at the same time lessen the debit.

Though, not every person approves the healthcare act on the basis of weighing the cost vs. benefits, whereby the benefits have outweighed the cost.Historical and Constitutional Background The historical background of ACA can be traced to the 2008 presidential election where Barack Obama (contestant of the presidential seat) promised that if he wins all the people of the U.S would be entitled to the affordable health care insurance plan.

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The ACA came about to implementation when Obama clinched the presidential seat and was sign up into law in 2010, principally becoming operative towards the end of 2013.The medical act popularly known as Obama medical act which was aimed at bringing about modification in the healthcare system to replace the existed medical systems in the U.S.Each of the various changes introduced by the ACA aims to achieve part of the main goal of providing 30 million middle-class Americans with health insurance (Dunn 47).


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