Introduction Suicide came from the Latin word “suicidium”

IntroductionSuicide came from the Latin word “suicidium” where sui refers to “someone” and cidium means “a killing”. Hence, it means the action of someone ending his or her life purposely due to mental disorder.

They believe that suicide is the only and the best way to avoid problem or pain that they think it is unendurable. It’s sad to see this tragedy is one of the most critical reasons of causing death among the young adults. It happen not only in high-income countries but majority of the victims is from low- and middle-income countries. World Health Organization (WHO) said in 2016, nearly a million people in this world die because of suicide every year.

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In fact, the number of people who have suicide ideation is much higher than the suicide cases reported every year. A research about adolescent suicides in India had been made. It mentioned that there is more 100,000 people committed suicide every year in India from 2004 to 2014 (NCRB, 2014). National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) had also released a data on the suicide rate in India in 2014, it highlighted the rate has been raised by a total of 17,969 cases, from 113,697 cases in 2004 to 131,666 cases in 2014. Other than that, NCRB (2014) also reveals that 6.1% of the population from the total suicides committed is student category. This shows that majority of the adolescents have thought to commit suicide in early age.



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