Introduction and high academic test scores. Cornerstone Academy

IntroductionCornerstoneAcademy is a small, non-profit, private school, located in Monroe, Washington.My role in this organization is two-fold. In the past, I have served as adevelopment director, helping to establish public relations and marketing. I amalso a consumer with my three children enrolled in Cornerstone Academy for the pasteight years.

As a parent, I volunteer my time and talents for the organizationon a regular basis in various capacities.Myobjective of this analysis is to explore the fundamental aspects of CornerstoneAcademy by reviewing their mission, values, size, performance andtreats/opportunities facing their organization. Finally, an overview of theirorganizational structure and strategies will be reviewed to gain a strongerinsight into the organization.

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Description of the OrganizationCornerstoneAcademy’s mission is to provide classical, Christian education that is parentsupported, student centered, and powered by passionate educators (CSA, 2018). CornerstoneAcademy’s values support and drive their mission. They can by described inthree simple words: Classical, Christian, Community (CSA, 2018).

The foundationof Cornerstone Academy is based on classical education, which is a timelessphilosophy that uses a student’s logic, clear reasoning, debate, andcommunication skills in every academic subject. In addition to the classical philosophy,the Christian faith is intertwined throughout the curriculum. Finally, the communityof parents and educators work together to build strong relationships thatsupport student excellence. Thecurrent size and enrollment at Cornerstone Academy is at sixty-six students,which is roughly thirty-five families. Cornerstone Academy has nine full-timeteachers, two part-time teaching assistants, one full-time administrator andone part-time receptionist. It also has a school board of parent volunteers andcommunity leaders.

The breadth and depth of the organization serves studentsfrom preschool to 12th grade with two programs, one for full-timestudents and the other for part-time home-schooled students. Thecurrent performance of the school is decent. It is not as strong as it has beenin previous years. For the first time in several years, the school is on trackto lose money.

As of this month, the projected deficit is only $15,000 dollars,which is can be easily fundraised for. But it goes to show that current strategiesare not working as planned and should be re-evaluated. CornerstoneAcademy’s primary external threat is other private schools. There are two otherprivate schools located within Monroe, WA. Another threat is losing the leaseagreement for their current building, which is currently a year to year contract.Opportunities include cost and high academic test scores.

Cornerstone Academyoffers very competitive tuition for the area. In addition, they have comparableacademic test scores to larger private schools in the region. CornerstoneAcademy’s current organizational strategies are focused on growth andsustainability. With a simple organization structure, they are more responsiveto new challenges, more adaptive to change and flexible as an organization (Rao,2008). As analyzers, they are always monitoring local competitors and otherclassical schools for promising ideas and trends.

This year, they have adaptedtheir services to appeal to a new market, homeschool families. Finally,Cornerstone Academy participates in co-opetition with a similar school in thearea, which is an alliance with between competitors (Borkowski, 2016). CornerstoneAcademy feeds many of their full-time, middle and high school students into thelarger school. Since the larger school does not offer beginning school, theydirect those interested to Cornerstone Academy.

Despite being competitors,their mission and values are similar which drives the mutually beneficialrelationship. 


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