Introduction specialized telecommunications service. (Unknown, About Us,

IntroductionNedaa professional communication corporation foundation was established specialized communications (appeal) under Law No. (9) For the year 2008 issued by the Office of His Highness, Ruler of Dubai, on 04 June 2008, The company location is in Dubai – al barsha – Hessa street and this is the Head office there are no other branch for Nedaa, The working hours for the company is from 7:30 AM till 2:30 PM 5 days in a week except for Friday and Saturday and we have emergency call if in case something happened like any other government corporation, The website is Now Nedaa has more than 100 employees and they all distributed to different sectors. (Unknowen, 2018)VisionNedaa vision is to become the primary reference for the provision of a specialized telecommunications service.

(Unknown, About Us, 2018)MissionThe organization mission is to establish a trailblazer foundation in specialized telecommunications that conform to international quality standards and provides the safest and most sophisticated service, through this vision and mission Nedaa is already in process to be credited by ISO. (Unknown, About Us, 2018)Core businessThe organization provides services to organizations and companies in both public and private sectors, especially dynamic centers, and those related to security and safety, which require fast and certain connections in the areas of professional telecommunications, data, information, images and voice exchange.StructureThe organization structure contains Chief Executive Director ` Deputy Chief Executive Director, Management of Organizational Excellence – Department of Institutional Support – Department of Technical Affairs- Department of Commercial Affair PESTLEPolitical Nedaa communication provides services and products to all emirates except Abu Dhabi because they have there on privet governmental security system.Economic Since the VAT implemented in UAE. Nedaa products and services got impact by reduce in sales.Social Nedaa annually participates in community events such as Careers UAE and GITEX Technology Week.Technology Nedaa communication got effected by the youngsters who’s gives new technological ideas.Environment To reduce the metal waste of the radios Nedaa repair the old type of the radios and selling it outside the country.

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Legal Regarding Nedaa there’s little sense in discussing the legal factors because there simply aren’t any.Plan to auditThe quality management system is defined as a set of a documented process, actions and tasks to achieve quality policies and organization aims.As mention in the mission, the organization is applying international quality standards providing the main scope is safe telecommunication and services.

? Leadership: The organization leadership is encouraging personal and professional growth, the employees need to know that their leaders are interested in more than just output, the organization leadership wants their employees to be their best and the organization leadership is willing to help them to get there. ? Customer focus: The organization is focusing on Customer satisfaction throw call center by 24 hours, the customer will have to dial the call centre number which is (41700000). In addition, customer suggestion box is available on organization website to get the customer feedback. The organization take action based on customer needs and wants to reach the customer satisfaction. The organization is lack of survey.

? Involvement of people: The organization does not involve anybody except their department managers to make the decision. We suggest the organization to involve suppliers, employees, and customers in decision making.? Process approach: The organization re-structured utilizing the process approach, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement to an effective Quality Management System. So what the organization did, they implanted by discovering the product continually, this standard requires the planning of determinate objectives by management, and it follows the accomplishment of these objectives across all stages of the organization. This is linked to all employees to confirm their understanding of their roles and tasks in achieving the overall objectives of the organization.? System approach to management: The organization using Microsoft Shared Folders as Document management system for the internal. Also, the organization using an online portal system to communicate with customers. For example, customer’s feedback, complains and job application. ? Continual improvement: the organization set clear goals, plans and build the organization to deliver on the goals.

Also improving the employee’s gaps by giving them training either in the country or out of the country. Improving the organization service with the customer by applying online and make it easier. Taking action after the problem is accord by solving the issue within 24 hours.

? Factual approach to decision making: in decision-making process the organization implement the strategy for decision making across the departments: firstly, network department taking measurements and collect data and facts that are applicable to the specific objective in order to begin the decision-making process, then the network department make sure that data and facts are correct, reliable and accessible to all parties concerned in the decision making process. Secondly, the development department analyses the data and facts using binding procedures and methods to ensure an effective over view of facts, also the development department recognize the importance of applicable statistical techniques used within the decision-making process. Finally, the top management implements decisions and take suitable action based on the outcomes of valid analysis balanced with knowledge and insight. ? Mutually beneficial supplier relationship: (reduce cost) the organization have a good and long relationship with suppliers, for example; with Atlas telecom we have mutual benefits that benefit both of organization, for example; the organization provides customers with atlas telecom in other hands atlas telecom reduce the products price for the organization such as equipment, devices, and spare parts.

Also ( continual improvement of operations) along term relationship between the organization and the suppliers allows for the free-flow of feedback and ideas, overtime, this will create more streamline, an effective supply chain that could have a positive impact on both costs and customer services. Analysis of Present QMSMandatory documents procedures and other clauses under ISO 9001:200 ? General information instructress and forms: are set of documents that provide information about the internal policies of the origination and how to react to the external factors that affect the organization.( quality manuals ) ? Radios development forms: are sets of documents that provide mandatory guidelines on how to develop the radio. ( quality plans )? Distinctive events form: is a form of what are the specific guidelines to follow in certain types of events. ( specifications )? Station completion form: is a form that provides a proof that a radio station is completed and successfully working. ( records )CONTROL OF DOCUMENTS section: (4.2.

3)? Currently, we are using Microsoft Shared Folders as Document management system; the mechanism is each department / section has its own shared folder, and that folder is being managed by the respective team.? Issuance of documents is the responsibility of each team based on their needs and requirements. Currently, there is no authorization of access to the documents regarding changing the documents and the content, but there is authorization regarding other department accessing other department content.? At the current state, nobody is checking upon the documents unless it is needed for a certain purpose.

Moreover, regarding corrections, it is currently done by the respective person unless it has something to do with the management level (Budgeting).? Based on certain scenarios employees may have to do some jobs that require immediate actions and that action might not have a defined procedures.CONTROL OF RECORDS section: (4.2.

4)• Currently, quality records are maintained by organizational excellence department and maintained by them to ensure that quality standards that are applicable are followed and implemented by the organization.• Currently, the organization follows Dubai Government Quality standards• We believe that they are indexed and grouped to show the importance and highlight each category ; to follow the standards implemented by the organization.• It is the responsibility of organizational excellence department ; stored on the intranet (internal portal) / shared folder• Currently, as per the Dubai Government standards, it leaves it optional to the organization itself based on their needs, so it varies from 3 months to 6 months.

INTERNAL AUDIT section: (8.2.2)• Currently, the organization has two auditors which they are under management organizational excellence department.

• The auditing is happening twice a year to chick if the organization strategy is implemented and the goals are reached with the result the organization is aiming for. The organization has three types of auditing which are: audit according to the annual audit plan approved by the director of the internal audit office – sudden audit – additional assignment by senior management. CONTROL OF NON-CONFIRMING PRODUCT section: (8.3)• All non-confirming products are not allowed to be sold, and the product that is applicable goes through a type approval procedure.

Also if a customer brings a non-confirming product, the organization refuse to accept it.• The organization does not sell the product, therefore, will not be responsible for non-confirming products. The organization is responsible for selling the services on the verified products only.

• Re-verification of repaired or reworked product • Product returns and recalls CORRECTIVE ACTION section: (8.5.2)• Corrective action is identification and elimination of the causes of a problem. Corrective action is used when there are customer complaints and issues that affect our radios and service quality. • A corrective action used to determine the cause, base errors that preceded the problems and to take action directed at the cause or error.PREVENTIVE ACTION section: (8.

5.3)• Preventive action is a change implemented to address a weakness in a management system that is not yet responsible for causing non-confirming product or service.• The organization has a professional team working to protect the organization network system from the hackers or any external damage. Because the organization priority is to provide the safest and most sophisticated service to protect the security authorities, for example, Dubai police, Dubai airport, civil defence, and ports.

(Lootah, Analysis of Present QMS, 2018)Improvements/Changes to be made to clausesChanges which are mandatory and non-mandatory:• In terms of non-conforming product there is a point when a customer who bought a default product which also non-conforming product from the supplier, the customer couldn’t return the product to the organization because one of the organization rules are not accepting the non-conforming product and customer should deal with the supplier, however, this not the customer responsibility this is should be the organization responsibility.How these changes will affect the customers and suppliers:• The customer will be pleased with this changes because he will be avoiding dealing with the suppliers. Also, the suppliers also will be pleased with this changes because they will deal with one side.

What dose top management do to create awareness of the employees in the light of these changes?• The top management creates awareness of the employees by providing an appropriate training and workshops.What critical proposals will your group suggest to the organization for improvements?• Enhancing staff skills through engaging them in activities and regular training.• Enforce the documented policies and process over all departments and have an internal audit team who monitor the practice of those process.

Also measure process.• Have a proper PMO role as well as project manager’s designation within the different department.• Have the integrated system and introduce useful technologies and system to automate manual work. What will the organization benefit from the changes you propose?• Human resources are the most important assets within the organization. Employees will be more aware of their tasks and production level will increase. This will open the door for more innovation and better interpersonal and career development skills.

• Clarity of all producers among employee and better understanding of how the work should be done and who is the responsible team. Making sure that producers are following as expected. Also, measuring the processes will help to know the improvements needed and lead to better decision making.• Having project managers as dedicated jobs will provide more focus on projects and project management requirements, which will lead to avoiding any delays projects, miss communication in-scope or even additional project cost. Also having PMO will organize the way projects are currently manage ensuring proper plan monitoring, documentation as per unified templates and better project repositories.

• Utilize and save employees time and efforts in other more complicated tasks that can’t be reached through systems. Also, have will organized clear and trackable process that can be performed and measured by employees and management. At the end of the year, can produce reports of personal achieved KPIs that will lead to fair evaluation. Conclusion• In conclusion we have covered all the aspects of the quality management system of the organization. Through the interview with the quality manager of the organization, we found a lot gaps and weakness in process and procedure in department of strategy and institutional development. The organization does not have an ISO certification but they are under process. Finally, our opinion is the organization should ensure management commitment, improve employee skills and empowerment.


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