Introduction was control and manipulation. The nurse manager

IntroductionLeadership styles are defined by characteristics of behaviors. It provides guidance on how a leader is able to engage with their subordinates to manage, guide, and direct.

It is also seen as an expression of teaching. It is vital for leaders to give orders and manage the efforts of his subordinates; however, the ability to encourage subordinates to do better through learning and growing is the most vital component of a leader.Preferred Leadership Style of Joe Garcia’s ManagerThe nurse manager displayed a leadership style known as authoritarian. Authoritarian style of leadership tells subordinates what to do and how to do it without the feedback from the subordinates. Authoritarian leadership is defined as “leadership is intentionally built on fear and intimidation” (Pynnönen ; Takala, 2015). Authoritarian leadership also follow a similar leadership style known as the Machiavelli: Narcissist Theory as it uses “fear as motivational tool” (Ledlow ; Stephens, 2018).

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A Machiavellian trait the nurse manager displayed was control and manipulation. The nurse manager used whatever means necessary to control the situation by giving Joe an ultimatum. Joe’s Preferred Leadership StyleThe preferred leadership style for Joe is referred to as authoritative leadership.

Authoritative leadership requires balancing of personal growth, nurturing, boundaries, limits, and ensuring that the subordinates follow through with their responsibilities. Authoritative leaders finds time to collaborate with their subordinate on finding new and better ways of doing things, take part and encourage subordinate to bring vision to their ideas, and support their growth to achieve their personal and professional goals. Joe expressed feeling disengaged and dissatisfied with work that he eventually left it for, what he considered, a unit that’s more supportive of its staff. Joe needs a work environment that is Qualities of Leadership Displayed and Not Displayed by the Nurse ManagerThe nurse manager displayed very few qualities of a good leader. The most prominent positive quality the nurse manager displayed was being an active listener.

Compassionate leaders allows subordinates to speak without being interrupted. They embrace this type of communication as they are aware that interruptions can cause detachment and interfere with engagement. The nurse manager made the time to listen to Joe and his reasons as to why he could not make it work. The nurse manager could have easily told Joe, in a blunt manner, that he was scheduled for work and refuse to listen. On top of being an active listener, the nurse manager should have shown empathy to Joe. Empathy is a powerful way to display being an active listener. It shows, as a leader, that they are approachable to those who need attention during work or personal issues that might affect performance. The nurse manager was highly reactive to personal excuses.

Joe’s personal reasons does not excuse him from work as he had committed to being available for on-call duties; however, the manager should have not exploded in the manner that he did to Joe. If Joe has a history of this type of behavior, it’s reasonable for the nurse manager to be stern. Leaders who are highly unpredictable and explosive might have personal issues of insecurity. With this said, instead of using their power for vision and expertise, it expressed in rash behavior in place of authority.


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