Introduction business. I will be explaining which skills

IntroductionIn this leaflet, I will be describing different types of recruitment documentation. Every organisation has different recruitment documentation.

I will talk about how using each documentation will be effective for a business. I will be explaining which skills are required for different jobsPurpose of a Job DescriptionThe purpose of having a job description is so that we can tell our candidates about the job. The description covers the title of the job, explains what duties they will be responsible for. We will also need to include the duration of the job (part-time/full-time) and who will they be responsible for.

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Purpose of a Person SpecificationEvery job has a different person specification because we need different skills for different jobs. Person specification tells the employer what kind of person you are by looking at your skills, experiences and other characteristics. This will give employers an idea of if you can complete the jobs or not.Purpose of a CVThe purpose of a CV is that we can have different standards, CVs shows people to be creative and it is cheap for the organisation as they would not have to print anything. CVs will make it hard when shortlisting as CVs contain too much information that the organisation don’t need to know.Purpose of an Application formThe purpose of using application forms is that we can ask people specific questions. As we ask the same questions to everyone in an application form, we only get the information we need and it is easy when it comes to shortlisting applicants. However, it is time-consuming for applicants and may put them off.

We will be printing off application forms to send to applicants which will cost us money or we can put the form online, but we will need to make sure we have data protection so people don’t steal our employees’ details.Purpose of AdvertisementThe purpose of advertising a job is to get people with the right skills required to apply. We can advertise our vacancies on our company website, newspapers and recruitment websites.


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