Introduction and other razor features through innovation.


        King C. Gillette transformed shaving when he
invented the first safety razor in 1901. With the invention of the safety razor
it ended men having to send their straight edge razor to the barber for it to
be sharpened (Gillette History, 2018). The safety razor
made shaving easier by having a smaller straight edge on a handle, fewer nicks
and cuts and ultimately the blade being replaceable once it was dull (Gillette History, 2018). In 1917, King C.
Gillette founded the company that is now known as the Gillette Company and they
continue to revolutionize the design of the razors. They have stayed true to
revolutionize razors with changing the designs and adding more blades to the
razor. Gillette has designed many elegant shaving razors that includes:
Gillette Trac II, Sensor, MACH3, Fusion and Fusion ProGlide (Gillette
History, 2018).

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More is better?

       Gillette has been able to convince the
world that more is better in terms of the number of blades and other razor
features through innovation. Gillette has been able to show the world that to
get a better clean-shaven face they have use the products that has more blades.
By having more blades on the razor, it allows for a better shave because the blades
are cutting more hair off at an angle. For Gillette to be successful at
marketing to women as they were to men they need to understand what they want.
Every woman does not want the same thing as the next. Gillette must understand
that women has more surface area than men to shave, skin is drier and hair that
grows in places that are hard to reach. To successful market to women they need
razors that provides moisture, will reach the hair that grows in the hard to
reach areas and that will cover the most area.

             Gillette released the Venus ComfortGlide razors,
which had the sport flexible moisture bar to glide seamlessly over and into every
curve of the woman’s body (Venus Razor Stress Comfort, 2017). This razor provided
a high degree of comfort without sacrificing a close shave to get rid of those stubborn
hairs (Venus Razor Stress Comfort, 2017). The razor has a built-in
moisture bar release that conditions the skin as they shave. By doing this, they
are providing the women a way to keep their skin moisturized (Venus Razor
Stress Comfort, 2017). When you truly try to understand the issues
that women have with shaving is when you will truly win them over.  

Gillette’s Sports Branding

            Gillette’s sports marketing
partnerships has been successful in developing their brand equity by partnering
with athletes and top-tier sports. In 1910, Gillette partnered with some
baseball greats like, Pittsburgh’s Pirates infielder Honus Wagner for the
Gillette Safety Razor (Gillette History, 2018). In 1938, Gillette started
doing all-out sports promotion for their razors and they began with the 1939
Baseball World Series (Gillette History, 2018). They moved from
using only baseball to using football and boxing. They first started using football
in the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl and then to the Rose Bowl.

                Boxing was the sport that
garnered them the most sales since it has a male based audience that they could
advertised their male product line. From partnering with sports and athletes,
it led to them creating the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports (Gillette
History, 2018).
The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports was the signature title for all of the
exclusively sponsored sports events (Gillette History, 2018). Throughout the
years, Gillette has partnered with major sports entities like Major League
Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NASCAR, the PGA Tour, Champions Tour,
LGPA Tour and the National Hockey League (Gillette History, 2018). Ultimately,
Gillette has been successful because they have built a brand that is associated
with excellence, precision and being outstanding that even sports athletes use

Brand Equity

have been using celebrities to promote their brands and products for a long
time. Companies use celebrities as ways to get the consumers to buy their
products because to the average consumer if they are good enough to use it then
why wouldn’t it be good for them? Athletes as spokespeople are perceived as
more credible sources than nonathletic endorsers when dealing with products (Lee &
Koo, 2015).
The controversy involving Derek Jeter and Tiger Woods could hurt Gillette’s
brand equity and marketing message since they are going against what Gillette
stands for. The consequence involved with celebrity scandals are not only can
they damage that brand, but they could also negatively impact other brands in
the same category (Carrillat, d’Astous, &
Christianis, 2014). 


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