Introduction whole new level. Three Dimensional Design

IntroductionComputer graphics is used in many domains of our life. At the end of the 20th century it is difficult to imagine a technology dependent person working without a graphics workstation. It becomes possible even for an average user, to move into the world of computer graphics, the world of three-dimensional graphics has neither borders nor constraints but not enough people always want more; they want to step into this world and interact with it – instead of just watching a picture on the monitor. This technology which becomes overwhelmingly popular and fashionable in current decade is called Virtual Reality (VR).By definition, Virtual Reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way as to suspend belief and accept it as a real environment. Gamers were the first to embrace the new technology, but the practical potential of Virtual Reality is close to limitless. The Internet and IT technologies broke the boundaries of time and space.

Using hi-tech tools, it feels like you can go anywhere anytime, while virtual reality is about to take that feeling to the whole new level. Three Dimensional Design software is notoriously difficult to learn. Designing in Virtual Reality opens up a whole new world of possibilities. With a multiplicity of emerging hardware and software options, the future of wearables is unfolding but yet unknown you can inspect, manipulate, and design your model with ease, and experience it in a much more realistic way. Virtual Reality is an innovative design tool. VR offers a quick insight into issues of scale, context and experience because of its being immersive and interactive in nature. So, by using VR, designers can evaluate their decisions and gain new perspectives in the sense of scale, proportion and spatial flow.

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Also, designers love this approach because it offers a number of benefits like allowing you to customize the individual experience and simulate real-world scenarios. In addition, using VR is low-cost and fast.Current trends of the ConceptEven with today’s most advanced virtual reality machines, users are limited to auditory and visual feedback.

There are some machines, like the Oculus Rift, which have sensory feedback built into hand-held controllers to simulate vibrations and touch, but it’s the same tech that has been around in wireless gaming controllers for ages — the sensations are limited to what the internal spinning motors can do.According to research from Omnivirt, 360° videos received higher engagement in 2017 than regular video and content. This data was based on analysis of video completions, clicks and overall engagement from 1,000+ campaigns.

The Omnivirt study also found that besides the fact that brands using 360° videos were spread across all verticals, content quality is improving every year. Major brands that have used VR and 360° videos include NASA, Microsoft, IBM, Honda and Ford. In fact, Youtube’s channel dedicated to 360° videos now has almost 3 million subscribers. Going forward, you can expect to see increased adoption of 360° VR videos on a much larger scale.The growth of any industry will only be commensurate with the ability of the talent in that industry.

While the VR industry is poised for more exponential growth, this can only be threatened by availability of talent to enable this growth. There is no stopping this beast, however, so you can expect an increase in demand for developers with VR skills. In fact, industry giants are already making moves to encourage VR content producers; in Google’s last year experiment with VR ads, the tech giant stated that its goal is to help producers make money to fund their VR content.

One of the biggest VR space races out there is for haptic feedback. A premise detailed throughout sci-fi novels for the last decade, haptic feedback is a user’s ability to touch and actually feel what they are interacting with virtually. It’s your ability to pick up an apple while strapped into the virtual world and not know the difference.Advantage and DisadvantageVirtual Reality can be applied to many areas, as it can be used in almost everything that can help today’s world.

In the field of studies, virtual reality can be helpful in many ways like it can be used in medical studies to know more about the human body structure. Virtual Reality can also be used for entertainment purposes to make the user’s experience much more realistic. But like anything else, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that virtual reality creates a realistic world that can help the user to visualize literally what the subject is. Another one is that it enable the user to explore places, in today’s world the usage of technology has brought the world to a new generation in which technology became a part of daily people’s lives. With technology, people can explore places which our ancestors never did.

Virtual Reality can help in the field of education by assisting students to visualize the topic with the use of virtual reality.


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