INTRODUCTION but also reliability in the industry.

INTRODUCTIONThe increase inglobalization over the years has made aviation industry now the most importantand central axes of the trade. Aviation industry has now become the gateways orborders of a country by allowing and connecting countries internationallythrough the airports.The industry is nowthe most important part of any country. Due to this importance and especially,the prestige this industry has acquired are increasingly attracting criminalsand terrorists who seek to use civil aviation to pressure nations and topromote different interests.As airport is such a big organization and many passengersuse airport services daily and there are huge numbers of employees working onairport and there are so many aircrafts, different technical machines, so thereshould be security procedures implementedfor safety of everything at airport and most importantly life’s of the people.Therefore, toensure the security and efforts to protect and maintain the aviation industryis always in process and not been left behind.

Everyday controls are tightened,ensuring not only safety but also reliability in the industry.Airport is one of theonly places where large numbers of people pass on daily basis. If we compare itfrom any other area, airport is the place which is known as a spot for potentialtarget terrorism and other forms of crime compare to the number of peoplelocated in a small area. Essentially, the high centralization of individuals onvast carriers, the potential high passing rate with assaults on large airline,and the capacity to utilize a captured plane as a deadly weapon may give acharming focus and target for the terrorism. (Crossings, 2017)  Airport securityattempts to prevent attackers from bringing weapons or bombs into the airport.

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If the attackers succeed, then there can be huge casualties and if the securitysucceed in not letting this incident happening, then the chances of these dangerousand explosives devices getting on to aircraft are greatly reduced. Airportsecurity serves multiple purposes such as to protect the airport and peoplefrom any crime and dangerous threats and to protect the aircraft from attack,and to reassure that the passengers travelling are safe.Airport and airlinesecurity have become highly important in the US since the attacks of September11, 2001 and the need of security also become more important all around the worldafter this deadly incident which killed more than 3000 innocent peoples life. Nowa day’s airlines has reduced a lot of weight for a passengers to carry as suchair travelers in some airline are now limited to one carry-on bag and onepersonal item (such as a briefcase or purse) on all flights. People withoutknowing carry liquid and gel containers that are too large which is like a mostcommon restricted items.

In general, anything that can start a fire, explodes,or be used as a weapon is not allowed, or allowed only in checked luggage. (security, 2012)


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