IntroductionAccountability life as it not only leads

IntroductionAccountability is the condition of being responsible whereas, personal accountability is the responsibility of one’s own actions and plans.

It is a sense of responsibility and integrity that makes sure that the person is fully responsible for his/her actions and their consequences. It plays a major role in life as it not only leads to a successful life but also is a source of joy and happiness. The level of accountability is different for different groups of people. Yet, hard work and following realistic approach can lead to the better results for both the people and the organization in which accountability is being assessed.In actual context, personal accountability is far more than accepting and correcting your mistakes. It makes you responsible for everything going on in your life whether it is communication, actions, relationships, team work or your commitments. It helps in building a deeper and stronger relationship with not only your soul but with other people too. Personal accountability helps in evaluating one’s true self and compatibilities.

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It makes people wonder that what they can achieve and how can they follow their path to be more successful.Besides personal life, personal accountability plays a major role in the work fields. In such case, not only just the employees but also the management is responsible for personal accountability. This concept helps build up a balanced environment in the workplace as everybody will work together for the betterment of the organization and will be held accountable for their actions. This means that everybody will share equal responsibility. The factors discussed below that contribute directly to personal accountability and can help in achieving better results:Diligence and commitmentIt is one of the factor that makes you perform even the toughest of the jobs with great ease. Being committed to your job means that you have the courage to deal with every hurdle that comes in your way. It means that the job holders have to perform even such tasks that are not their immediate responsibility or is not a part of their job contract.

The accountable people are likely to perform better for both the organization and themselves in every situation they encounter.Courage to deal with problemsEmployees frequently encounter problems but the important part is that does it makes you stronger or weaker? Accepting new challenges without thinking about the consequences makes you stronger and helps you experience your inner potential. This will actually make you accountable for your strengths and weaknesses. Besides this, it will also empower you to take up challenges for looking for better ideas and solutions to the problems. Sense of responsibility and ownershipBeing responsible for your actions and owning them helps you figure out what is good or bad. In a business organization, the employees must be guided about owning the organization and the job that they are dealing with.

The positive feedback which they will receive afterwards will help them evaluate their areas of improvement. They will honor their mistakes which will then create a bigger impact on their jobs.Ongoing learning activityNobody likes to commit mistakes. It is always an embarrassing moment for the one who has made the mistake. But, the persons who are accountable never consider them as mistakes rather they learn something better out of it.

They analyze their mistakes and in future try to overcome such failures. This makes them successful not only in the business filed but rather in every field of life. Implementing the responsibilities of mistakes on other people leads to chaos.ConclusionPersonal accountability is a major part of one own self. Being accountable makes does not only makes you responsible for the mistakes but it also makes you a part of the solution to these problems. It empowers, builds trust, resolve the issues and gain the trust of other employees.

Apparently, if it does not seem to be fascinating, it helps greatly in the long run. It builds self-esteem and makes you more resilient as nothing in this world is more important than considering your own mistakes and rectifying them. Being responsible for your actions and considering your attitude makes you deal with the difficulties as mere opportunities.


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