Introduction avoid overcrowding. One of the issues that

IntroductionAccording to the Ministry of Transport Malaysia, rail transport is one of the country’s most important transport mode as it is safe, economical and convenient.

There are cases recently, whereby trains from the city center are overcrowded especially during peak hours which are mostly before and after working hours. What problem do crowded trains cause? How can the crowded trains situation be eased?Cause and Solutions of Crowded TrainsCauseTrains are forced to line up behind the ticket barriers in the underground station to avoid overcrowding. One of the issues that cause overcrowding trains during peak hours in Malaysia is that the trains are being forced to line up behind the ticket barriers.

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Things worsen when it starts to rain as the trains have no choice but to wait until the rain comes to a stop. Thus, the passengers cramp themselves into the trains which cause to overcrowding.SolutionMore passengers can board a train despite waiting time by adding more coaches to the trains.

Increasing the frequency of the train could prevent trains from waiting during rainy days and be able to travel a longer distance. Therefore, by having longer coaches and increasing the frequency could somehow subside overcrowding in trains.CauseNo changes made to train service after the extension lines opened. Furthermore, even after the extension lines are opened, the train services made no changes, especially during peak hours.

The size of the coaches are of the same and is still overcrowded as passengers wait to board their trains. According to Sales Manager C.K. Lee, 34, said, “The crowd seemed to have increased in size compared to previous weeks.

“SolutionThe train service needs to be more reliable and trains should not break down often. “I am glad that the line has been extended though there are still improvements to be made,” said Muhammad Afiq Damanhuri, an intern. Having a thorough check to all the trains once a week could possibly avoid unnecessary breakdowns and overcrowding in the trains during peak hours. Thus, the train service would be more reliable too.

CauseTechnical issues since new extension line. Another cause to the overcrowding trains is there are technical issues since the new extension lines. Passengers are forced to vacate the current boarded train and are asked to take the next train. This situation is made impossible for the disabled, pregnant women and children. Certain stations have been extremely crowded and were in the pandemonium that most passengers could not step into or out of trains.

SolutionTo improve the situation of the technical issue, police officers should be placed to help ease and ensure that passengers get into the trains safely and speedily as possible when the trains arrive. This could make things simpler for passengers to step into or out of trains as it is crowded especially when there is any technical issues occur.CauseWaiting time is still long even during peak hours.

Last but not least, the waiting time is very long, for example, one has to wait for an hour for a train to arrive and yet to board it because the train is extremely crowded. Passengers often rush into the train when the doors are opened which prevent passengers from the inside to alight. Regular train user, Norzarina Ghazali, 27, said she is used to train delays. “The longest I have waited was for two hours because of the cancellation of the train service due to a breakdown or doors getting jammed.” SolutionSince the waiting time is still long, the authorities should enforce a new system whereby the waiting time during peak hours is 3 minutes and as for non-peak hours is 6 minutes.

Passengers, too do not have to rush or push themselves to get into the trains. This enforcement could definitely reduce the overcrowded trains situation.


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